How Do I Clean my Honeywell Humidifier?

Prevent mineral backup and bacteria growth from affecting your Honeywell Humidifier. Some basic upkeep can keep your humidifier operating at a steady, efficient rate. Here are a few tips that will allow your portable humidifier to steadily release comfortable and soothing moisture into the surrounding area.

Rinse and Refill Daily

A routine rinse and refill can often go a very long way towards preventing the spread of bacteria and mold growth. You can stop the spread in its tracks by doing the following. On days when you’re using your humidifier, simply rinse out the unit and then refill it with clean water. For units that use a Honeywell Humidifier Filter, simply flip the humidifier filter (top to bottom) when you’re in the process of refilling the tank with clean water. It’s that simple.

Descale and Disinfect Weekly

It’s also advisable that you descale and disinfect your home or office humidifier once a week. This can easily be achieved with the use of white vinegar and bleach solution. Simply turn off your Honeywell Humidifier and remove the water tank from its base. Should your unit use a Honeywell Humidifier Filter, be certain to remove the filter and set it aside (Please Note: You should never use white vinegar or bleach when cleaning a Honeywell Humidifier Filter). You can then proceed to clean your humidifier with white vinegar by adding 2 cups through the water tank. This process will remove excess mineral deposits. Allow for a total of 15-20 minutes to pass before emptying. To disinfect your portable humidifier, add 1/2 a table spoon of bleach solution to the water tank. (Do not exceed 1/2 a tablespoon as this can potentially damage your humidifier). Swish the solution in the tank. The bleach will then drain into your humidifier's water reservoir while disinfecting other components as it soaks.

NOTE: Never mix vinegar and bleach together. Descaling and Disinfecting must be done separately. For additional instructions, please consult your user manual. The Honeywell Store features online manuals for Honeywell Humidifiers listed on their product page.

Replacement Humidifier Filters

This is applicable to Honeywell Humidifiers that use a filter. 0-60 days remains the typical schedule for replacing a Honeywell Humidifier Filter. The results vary depending on the humidifier’s use of hard, mineral rich water. Signs to look for when replacing your filter include: the actual filter being stiff and rigid or encrusted with buildup. The filter emits a foul odor. If you notice the humidifier’s moisture output has lessened then it’s time to purchase a replacement filter.

NOTE: Consider using Honeywell Protec Humidifier Cleaning Balls to keep your home humidifier cleaner longer. Protec Cleaning Balls continuously clean and protect against bacteria and mold. Protec Cleaning Cartridges also help prevent the buildup of slime in the water and on humidifier surfaces. The Protec Cleaning Ball will keep your humidifier cleaner longer between cleanings. However, your humidifier still needs to be cleaned regularly.

Seasonal Shut-Down and Start-Up

When putting your humidifier away for the season, it is advisable that you follow the aforementioned steps of descaling and disinfecting one last time. When you’re ready to bring out your humidifier again, the process should be repeated to maximize your unit’s efficiency.

Being smart about how you handle your Honeywell Humidifier can play a large part in improving the quality of surrounding air. The Honeywell Store offers an extended selection of portable humidifiers that deliver soothing comfort. Honeywell Humidifier Filters are also available for online purchase.


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