Honeywell True HEPA Bluetooth Smart Air Purifier: Control in the Palm of Your Hand

The Honeywell Bluetooth Smart True HEPA Air Purifier with Allergen Remover allows you to access your smart air cleaner's features in a series of intuitive and convenient ways. You'll now be able to monitor and control your Honeywell Air Purifier via iPhone or Android mobile device. Consider how efficient this smart air purifier is in capturing airborne allergens and the reduction of VOC's. This portable air purifier uses a True HEPA Filter that captures up to 99.97% of microscopic allergens such as mold spores, pollen, dust, smoke and pet dander as small as 0.3 microns from the air that passes through the filter. Now imagine having instant access to a wealth of options to explore when utilizing this smart air cleaner. By simply pulling out your smart phone or other mobile device, you'll have instant access to your Hoenywell HEPA Air Cleaner. What exactly does this entail? We're glad you asked.

Allergen Alert Settings

  • Stay notified 24/7 on the current pollen and mold conditions outside in your area. You'll receive daily alerts on specified allergens.

Allergen Auto-Set

  • This feature works in unison with the aforementioned Allergen Alert Setting. Your Honeywell Bluetooth Air Purifier will automatically adjust its settings based on outdoor conditions. Not sure what to manually enter? Simply allow the app to adjust your air cleaner for you.

Proximity Sensor

  • This feature works directly with your smart device. When you enter within the designated 30 ft. range, your bluetooth air cleaner will immediately turn on. This is an energy conserving feature that provides relief and comfort when you require it most.

Custom Schedules

  • Have a set routine? You can now have your air purifier operate on hours and days when you know you're going to be present. Set your Honeywell Bluetooth Air Cleaner to a specific start time, end time, purification level and so on. You'll have plenty of options available to you.

Filter Change Reminders

VOC Operation

The Honeywell True HEPA Bluetooth Smart Air Purifier With Allergen Remover also includes a VOC Sensor that automatically monitors and adjusts based on VOCs in the room. When the VOC Sensor is selected, the upper left indicator light will illuminate blue to indicate that the air cleaner is running VOC Sensing Mode. The lower right indicator will illuminate green, orange or red depending on the level of VOC's detected in the room.

Green: Low level of VOC's detected. Your smart air purifier will operate on its lowest setting (Germ).

Orange: Moderate level of VOC's detected. Your smart air cleaner will operate on its medium setting (General Clean).

Red: High level of VOC's detected. Your smart air purifier will operate on its highest base setting (Allergen). The option to select (Turbo) is always available. Tap Turbo for power cleaning or fast odor reduction.

CURRENT ARTICLE: Honeywell True HEPA Bluetooth Smart Air Purifier: Control in the Palm of Your Hand - 10/19/20

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Whether you have allergies, asthma or simply want access to fresher and altogether cleaner air in your home, you'll find that the installation of a Honeywell Air Purifier can offer some much needed soothing relief. With plenty of foot traffic heading in and out of the living room, you'll always have an incentive to keep the area as fresh and welcoming as possible. The general nature of a bathroom also lends itself as the perfect place for the setup of an air cleaner. The Honeywell Store offers a large selection of air purifiers that are capable of providing soothing relief to these two areas and nearly any other indoor setting. ...Read More

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Honeywell HF Smart Wi-Fi Portable Air Conditioners: Control from Anywhere
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Honeywell HF Smart Wi-Fi Portable Air Conditioners increase accessibility tenfold as they can be controlled from nearly anywhere. Not only will you have remote access via your smart phone, you'll be able to speak directly to your portable ac unit via Amazon Alexa Voice Commands. ...Read More

Honeywell Contempo Air Conditioners: Portable, Efficient, Quiet
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With spring quickly approaching, it might not be a bad idea to find an easily transferable source of cooling. The Honeywell Contempo Series of Portable Air Conditioners offers an efficient and altogether quieter means of cooling your surrounding area. ...Read More

New Honeywell Dual Layer Face Cover: Advanced Filtration Meets Custom Comfort
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Not all face masks are created equal. The Honeywell Dual Layer Face Cover offers a series of protective and comfort features unavailable in a standard cloth mask. ...Read More

Honeywell Enhanced Air Purifier Filters: Targets & Removes Specific Odors & VOCs
news article date 02/12/21Read More

Honeywell Enhancement Filters provide a degree of customization to the filtering experience as they're able to target specific odors. The availability of four different enhanced filters offers a personalized approach to targeting most common household odors as well as VOCs specific to the surrounding air. ...Read More

New Honeywell Digital and Smart Safes: Innovative Features, Elite Protection
news article date 02/03/21Read More

Honeywell Safes continue to represent the gold standard for protection as they incorporate tried and tested measures to secure all of your personal documents, valuables and money. The Honeywell Store features a massive collection of personal safes, electronic safes and fireproof safes that offer elite protection....Read More

Honeywell Fireproof & Waterproof Safes: 3-in-1 Protection in the Home
news article date 01/26/21Read More

Honeywell UL Fire Protection Safes are capable of withstanding temperatures reaching up to 1700° F. Doubling down on protection from the elements, many Honeywell Fireproof Safes also incorporate a defense against flood damage....Read More

Honeywell Filterless Humidifiers - Easy To Maintain & Clean
news article date 01/20/21Read More

Honeywell Filter Free Humidifiers can save you money by removing the demand for replacement filters. Filter free humidifiers are available in the warm mist humidifier and cool mist humidifier variety. ...Read More

Protect What's Important with Honeywell Portable Safes for Work, Dorm Rooms & Travel
news article date 01/20/21Read More

The Honeywell Store features an excellent selection of portable safes that offer reliable and lasting protection. Portable safes can be installed without hesitation in the workplace, dorm room or anywhere else that requires a dependable means of safeguarding property....Read More

Honeywell Warm Mist Humidifier: Warm, Filter-Free Visible Mist
news article date 01/13/21Read More

Releasing a steady flow of warm visible mist (99.5% bacteria free) into the surrounding air, the Honeywell HWM845 Filter Free Warm Mist Humidifier implements a filter free design that removes the cost of purchasing additional filters....Read More

Honeywell Humidifiers: Cool, Filtered Invisible Moisture
news article date 01/13/21Read More

The Honeywell Store offers portable access to soothing relief in the form of its collection of cool mist humidifiers....Read More

Honeywell Humidifiers: Top Five Humidifiers for Winter
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The Honeywell Store offers a large selection of Honeywell Humidifiers (ranging from portable humidifiers to whole home humidifiers) that are capable of releasing comforting, relieving moisture into your surroundings....Read More

Honeywell Heaters: Top Five Heaters for Winter
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Showcasing a series of industry defining safety standards, Honeywell Heaters can always be relied upon to deliver swift heat in the safest way possible. The availability of energy saving heaters that are capable or reducing your energy expenses and tower heaters that implement space saving designs open a wealth of attractive options to explore. ...Read More

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Whether you're searching for a personal heater for your desktop or a whole room heater to keep your living room warm, you'll find no shortage of portable heaters to choose from here at the Honeywell Store. ...Read More

Honeywell True HEPA Bluetooth Smart Air Purifier: Control in the Palm of Your Hand
news article date 10/19/20Read More

The Honeywell Bluetooth Smart True HEPA Air Purifier with Allergen Remover provides you instant access to your air purifier via your mobile device. Set custom schedules and settings based around your activity. ...Read More

Honeywell Heat Bud Mini Heater: Perfect for Personal Heating
news article date 10/13/20Read More

The Honeywell Heat Bud Ceramic Portable Mini Heater is an easily transferable source of heat that can be used for spot heating in personal settings. ...Read More

Honeywell EnergySmart Heater: Stay Warm While Saving Energy
news article date 10/13/20Read More

Stay warm while conserving energy with the Honeywell Deluxe EnergySmart Cool Touch Heater. This energy smart heater is capable of saving you up to 35% on energy bills when paired against conventional heaters. ...Read More

Honeywell InSight Air Purifiers: Always Monitoring & Always Adjusting to Deliver Powerful Filtration
news article date 10/08/20Read More

Always monitoring while delivering powerful filtration, Honeywell InSight HEPA Air Purifiers provide visual enhancement via a new display panel that will illuminate when active and keep you informed of surrounding air quality. ...Read More

Honeywell UberHeat Ceramic Heater: Personal Heating Done Safely
news article date 10/06/20Read More

Honeywell UberHeat Ceramic Personal Heater is a small heater that includes 2 heat settings, an adjustable thermostat and a series of Safety First features. ...Read More

Honeywell Digital Tower Heater: LCD Display & Safety Matters Features
news article date 10/05/20Read More

Honeywell Digital Ceramic Tower Heater offers a convenient and safe means of delivering steady heat into medium and large rooms. Access to digital controls and a large LCD display offer tremendous flexibility while Safety Matters features provide safe operation. ...Read More

Honeywell UV Cool Moisture Germ Free Humidifier: Patented Germ Killing Process & QuietCare Technology
news article date 10/01/20Read More

Rated a consumer favorite for its quiet efficiency in eliminating water bred contaminants, the Honeywell UV Cool Moisture Germ Free Humidifier uses a patented UV germ killing process that allows this cool moisture humidifier to steadily eliminate up to 99.9% of water-bred germs, bacteria and mold spores....Read More

Honeywell Easy to Fill Humidifier w/ Built-in Digital Humidistat
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The Honeywell Top Fill Cool Moisture Tower Humidifier with Digital Humidistat is a 2-in-1 unit that provides the means of acquiring and monitoring an ideal humidity range...Read More

Honeywell Safety Kits: Maneuvering Around the New Normal
news article date 09/24/20Read More

Designed for on-the-go protection, Honeywell Safety Packs are available in a resealable pouch. Honeywell PPE Safety Kits include the following personal protective equipment: disposable face masks, gloves and cleaning wipes....Read More

Honeywell Humidifiers: Why Humidify?
news article date 09/14/20Read More

Increasing the humidity levels in your home or office can offer a series of improvements beneficial to your health and surrounding space. Honeywell Humidifiers are capable of introducing a steady stream of comfortable moisture into the air (warm mist humidifiers and cool mist humidifiers available), ensuring high humidity levels at all times....Read More

What Will Happen if I Don't Clean my Humidifier?
news article date 09/09/20Read More

What will happen if I don't clean my humidifier? Cleaning your Honeywell Humidifier in regular and brief intervals carries a series of advantages that are capable of enhancing your humidifier's efficiency and longevity....Read More

Honeywell Wi-Fi Portable Air Conditioners & Smart Climate Controls
news article date 08/31/20Read More

Honeywell Smart Wi-Fi Portable Air Conditioner include smart climate control features. Simply download the Honeywell Air Comfort App on your smart phone or tablet (Available via the APP store and Google Play) and you'll unlock a series of smart climate control features...Read More

Honeywell Personal Protective Equipment: N95 Masks, P100 Respirators & PPE Safety Packs
news article date 08/19/20Read More

The Honeywell Store offers PPE in the form of Honeywell N95 Masks, P100 Masks and PPE Safety Packs. ...Read More

Best Air Purifiers in 2020
news article date 07/23/20Read More

Our guide to finding the best Honeywell air purifiers to meet your home cooling needs. Find out what to look for and the best features available when choosing an air cleaner. ...Read More

Best Tower Fans In 2020
news article date 06/30/20Read More

Our guide to finding the best Honeywell tower fan to meet your home cooling needs. Find out what to look for and the best features available when choosing a tower fan. ...Read More

Honeywell Series Portable Doorbells & Push Buttons - Easy Installation Wireless Doorbell System
news article date 06/08/20Read More

Honeywell Doorbell Series 9, 5 and 3 Series Wireless and Portable Doorbell Sets include Honeywell Push Buttons...Read More

Find the Best Portable Air Conditioner for Your Needs - Size & Room Conditions Matter
news article date 05/14/20Read More

Finding the correct Honeywell Portable Air Conditioner to suit your room size needs. ...Read More

Honeywell Fire and Waterproof Safes: Protection in Uncertain Times
news article date 04/23/20Read More

The Honeywell Store offers a large selection of fire and water resistant security boxes, safes and chests that offer elite protection....Read More

What is an N95 Face Mask and what is it made of?
news article date 04/07/20Read More

Find out more about the N95 mask respirator rating Letter Class, filter efficiency and what the mask material is made out of. During the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, masks, once relegated to specific professions, are quickly becoming commonplace....Read More

Honeywell Germ Fighting Air Purifiers & Filters: Access to Clean and Purified Air
news article date 03/18/20Read More

Honeywell Air Purifiers and Air Purifier Filters combat germs and other airborne irritants to create a clean breathing environment....Read More

Genuine Honeywell Humidifier Filters: Blue Pre-Filters Return!
news article date 01/31/20Read More

Honeywell Store is bringing back Blue Authentic Honeywell Humidifier Filters...Read More

Honeywell Humidifiers: A Soothing Remedy from Cold Winter Air
news article date 01/29/20Read More

Portable and Whole House Honeywell Humidifiers release moisture. Honeywell Blue Pre-Filters have returned....Read More

Honeywell Heaters: Fall and Winter Heating Guide
news article date 10/02/19Read More

For the fall and winter season, the Honeywell Store features a large selection of Honeywell Heaters that can accommodate personal heating to large room heating....Read More

Stay Cool this Summer with Honeywell Portable Air Conditioners
news article date 07/15/19Read More

New Honeywell Portable Air Conditioners do so much more than just emit steady amounts of cool and refreshing air, they work as fully operational dehumidifiers....Read More

Dream a Better Night's Sleep with the Honeywell DreamWeaver Sleep Fan
news article date 05/01/19Read More

Honeywell DreamWeaver Desk Fan is a desk fan that emits pink noise. This pink noise fan can help you fall asleep....Read More

Honeywell Air Purifier Filters, Air Purifier Pre-Filters and HEPA Replacement Filters Available for Purchase at the Honeywell Store
news article date 02/08/19Read More

Genuine and Certified Honeywell Air Purifier Filters excel in the removal of allergy provoking dust, pet dander, pollen, mold spores and smoke from the surrounding indoor air....Read More

Honeywell Fire and Water Chests: A Safe Play Against Would Be Thieves and the Elements
news article date 01/25/19Read More

Honeywell Molded Fire/Water Chests offer protection from physical intrusion and fire/water damage....Read More

Ringing in the New Year with Honeywell Door Chimes and Push Buttons
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Honeywell Store's online collection includes: Honeywell Wired & Wireless Door Bells and Honeywell Push Buttons...Read More

Honeywell Store Holiday Gift Guide 2018: Take 10% Off!
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Honeywell Store Back to College Sale - 20% Off With Coupon Code: DORMLIFE - Ends September 3rd, 2018
news article date 08/27/18Read More

Take 20% off select honeywell air purifiers, humidifiers, safes, fans and heaters and Humidifiers won't improve the ol' GPA, but they will allow immediate access to cleaner and healthier breathing air. Stay cool and don't sweat the small stuff with the addition of a Honeywell Fan. Winter is coming. Be ahead of the curve with a Honeywell Heater. Have a roommate? Want to protect something that's not meant to be read or touched? A Honeywell Safe is exactly what you need to instill some much needed peace of mind in the dorm room....Read More

Security Just Got Smarter with Honeywell Store's DIY Camera Base Station
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Honeywell Smart Home Camera Base Station is the DIY Security System that comes equipped with facial recognition and voice control commands via Amazon Alexa. More

Strengthen Your Home's Defense System with Honeywell Smart Home Accessories
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honeywell smart home security access sensors for windows and doors will alert you when a window or door is left open. honeywell smart home security motion sensors and motion viewers extend your surveillance....Read More

Comparing Honeywell Air Purifiers & New Models For The 2018 Allergy Season
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New Honeywell air cleaner models and how to find the best fit for your air purification needs. What is the best air purifier? How to tell what air cleaners I need?...Read More

Honeywell Heaters Provide a Smarter, Safer and Portable Solution for Winter Heating
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Smart Features and Effortless Mobility Make this a Holiday Must, Honeywell offers a smarter way to heat your surroundings. Safe reliable personal heating that can cut the cost of high energy bills....Read More

Light up the Night with Honeywell LED Light Bulbs and LED Indoor Flood Lights
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Long lasting, energy efficient led light bulbs and floodlights. These amazingly reliable bulbs will last you years without having to replace them....Read More

Honeywell Portable Humidifiers & Whole-Home Humidifiers Help Combat Dry Winter Air
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The Honeywell Store offers a wide selection of portable humidifiers and whole house humidifiers to help you stay comfortable even during the winter dry air season....Read More

For a Limited Time Only, FREE SHIPPING on ALL Honeywell Safes
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The Honeywell Store is featuring a limited time promotional offer that will allow customers to purchase any selection of Honeywell Safes at Free Shipping! Honeywell Safes represent an industry standard for excellence in offering the maximum in peace of mind at a fraction of the competitor 's price....Read More

Fight Back Against Allergy Season with A Honeywell Air Purifier!
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A premier ally in warding off seasonal allergies, Honeywell Air Purifiers represent a definitive solution in alleviating homeowners from the many health detriments associated with pollen and mold....Read More

Access to Clean Water in the Home or Office just got Easier with Honeywell Water Coolers
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Hot, cold or room temperature water right at your fingertips with Honeywell's line of water coolers and water dispensers. No more bottles and no more drinking unfiltered tap water....Read More

See it. Stop it. with the Honeywell Lyric Indoor Wi-Fi Security Camera
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Motion detection and smart phone alerts means you get warned immediately when the Honeywell wifi indoor security camera starts recording....Read More

Honeywell Shooting Eye Wear & Ear Muffs / Plugs: Ideal for Hunting and Range
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Protect your eyes and ears with a brand you can trust, Honeywell's line of shooting accessories including ear muffs, ear plugs, glasses and safety goggles make sure you are protected while hunting or at the range....Read More

Honeywell Work Safety Products - Industrial Occupation or DIY Home Protection
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The Honeywell Store's selection of Work Safety Gear incorporates industry defining measures to secure the maximum in peace of mind at the work place. Showcasing the very best qualities of performance, versatility and overall comfort, Honeywell Safety Products can be utilized in any number of work settings that require elite protection....Read More

Brighten up Your Indoor/Outdoor Settings with Honeywell LED Light Fixtures
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Honeywell LED light fixtures are the perfect solution for reducing your annual energy costs while improving your existing lighting output....Read More

Honeywell Air Purifiers for the Spring Allergy Season - Allergen Remover | True HEPA Filters
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The list of spring allergies influencing millions of Americans is numerous and includes the likes of pollen, dust mites, mold and pet dander. Pollen is the primary offender as an elevation in temperature allows it to move freely at a much more rapid pace. The Honeywell Store presents an affordable and portable solution that's defined by its overall capacity for alleviating a surrounding area from the many discomforts associated with springtime allergies....Read More

Learn the Benefits of Replacing Your HVAC Furnace and What MERV Rating Means
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It is recommended that HVAC Furnace Filters be replaced every month. This is especially important in the summer and winter months when HVAC Furnaces are tasked with an additional workload. By replacing HVAC Furnace Filters in a routine fashion, homeowners will have access to an increased amount of benefits. One such benefit is the extended lifespan of an HVAC unit....Read More

How Honeywell HEPA Air Purifier Filters and AHAM Certified Air Purifiers Can Help You
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Learn more about Honeywell HEPA air purifiers and why they are allergists #1 recommended brand for home air cleaning....Read More

Stay Warm Without Worrying About Your Heating Bill, With Energy Efficient Honeywell Portable Heaters
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By implementing a portable heater, homeowners will be less dependent on whole house heating. This can effectively reduce the amount of spending on annual energy expenses. Within the United States alone, it has been estimated that 40% of an energy bill's total is dedicated to home heating....Read More

Benefits of Owning A Honeywell Humidifier During the Winter - Dry Air Prevention
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There are many reasons to have a good humidifier running during the winter season. Dry air causes several problems to both health and your home. Honeywell offers a variety of portable humidifiers and whole house furnace humidifiers....Read More

Lyric Wi-fi Water Alarm - The early smart home warning system for water damage and flooding
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The Lyric Wi-Fi Water Leak and Freeze Detector takes 2 minutes to setup and lasts 3 years on battery power. Install under your sink, by your washer or other potential leaks and get notified via the app if water is detected....Read More

Honeywell Series 3, 5 & 9 Wireless Doorbells and Push Buttons - Portable, Plug-in and Mounting Options Available
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These modern designed door bells are sleek, fun and feature several changeable options. We stock plug in door bells you can set and forget or battery operated portable doorbells you can place anywhere or take around the house with you....Read More

Merv Rating Compared to Furnace Air Flow Efficiency, Honeywell Furnace Filters for HVAC Systems Have you Covered
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Find your balance between merv rating filter effectiveness and furnace air flow efficiency. Honeywell Merv 8 and Merv 12 furnace filters provide a great solution to your home HVAC system needs....Read More

Honeywell Portable Fans And Ceiling Fans Help Circulate Air Around Your Home or Office
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Find the perfect floor, desktop, table, clip-on or oscillating fan for your home or office. Honeywell also offers indoor or outdoor ceiling fans for whole room air circulation....Read More

The Largest Capacity Portable Air Cooler Yet!
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The Honeywell Store is excited to announce the latest installment in a series of highly efficient and resourceful evaporative air coolers. The Honeywell 70 Liter Indoor-Outdoor Portable Evaporative Air Cooler with Remote Control is an excellent addition for anyone searching to keep their indoor or outdoor settings comfortably cool and breezy....Read More

Honeywell Door Chimes - Easy Installation, Reliable Technology, Cost Effective Solution
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Don't be a stranger and install a Honeywell Door chime today, featuring wireless door chimes, wired in door chimes and door bell/push button combos....Read More

Honeywell Generator Winter Guide: Expect The Unexpected
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Be prepared for the unexpected this winter with a reliable Honeywell portable generator or home standby generator. View some helpful tips to get you and your generator through the cold winter months....Read More

Prepare for the Upcoming Winter Season with Honeywell Heaters
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Get the perfect heating companion this winter with a Honeywell portable heater. Perfect for focusing heat where needed to help save on energy bills and make you more comfortable....Read More

Improve the Quality of Breathing Air with Honeywell Air Purifier Filters and Humidifier Filters
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Shop now and save on Honeywell air purifier and humidifier filters from the Find replacement air purifier filters and replacement humidifier filters for your Honeywell air cleaners and Honeywell humidifiers....Read More

See What Home Improvement Products are Trending This Month at The Honeywell Store
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The Honeywell Store has always prioritized the importance of offering its customers the very best in performance exceeding products and accessories by stocking its secure online servers with an abundance of Honeywell Home Electronics, Heating and Cooling, Safety and Security products....Read More

Fight Back Against Alergy Season with A Honeywell Air Purifier!
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Honeywell air purifiers and air cleaners help reduce germs and allergens floating in the air to help you breath easier....Read More

Protect Your Documents This Tax Season with A Honeywell Fire/Water Safe - Free Shipping Through The End Of March
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Now through March 31st Only, receive free shipping on all the fire resistant and waterproof security chests below. These molded key locking safes are perfect for storing and protecting important documents and smaller valuables....Read More

Safeguard Your Home or Place of Business with Honeywell Digital Security Door Locks
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The Honeywell Store features an extended selection of Honeywell Digital Security Door Locks that range in design and function. User accessibility is paramount as each and every one of these options includes a lock that allows you to personally set up individual codes for multiple users....Read More

Save 10% & Enjoy Low Flat Rate Shipping on All Furnace Filter Bundles
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The Honeywell Store now offers a flat low shipping rate on all furnace filters. Stock up for the year and save big with our HVAC air filter bundles....Read More

Ring In the New Year WIth 20% Off All Honeywell Door Chimes
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Buy now and save 20% off all Honeywell Door Chimes, Door Bells and Door Chime Accessories! Limited time offer at the Official Honeywell Store....Read More

Honeywell Humidifier Filters, Replacement Filters and Replacement Humidifier Pads
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If you have a Honeywell humidifier, the Honeywell Store is the place to shop for all your accessory needs. Need a new filter or pad, shop today!...Read More

Just in Time for the Holiday Season, The Honeywell Lyric WiFi Smart Thermostat Is Here!
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Buy the Honeywell Lyric thermostat from the official Honeywell store! A classic round look with some amazing new features....Read More

Be Prepared For Hurricane Season & Save Big On All Honeywell Generators!
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Hurricane Season Is Right Around the Corner, Keep The Power On and Your Home Protected with A Portable Honeywell Generator. Honeywell Has Reduced the Price on a Variety of Different Sized Generators....Read More

Honeywell Safes Awarded Consumer Digest Magazine's
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Durable Honeywell Fire protection and Waterproof safes and security chests are perfect for storing valuables and important documents. Buy now at the!...Read More

The Honeywell Store WiFi Thermostat Give Away Contest
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Become a fan of Honeywell and get a chance to win one of three revolutionary new WiFi Thermostats. Control the temperature from your home from virtually anywhere with a Honeywell Smart Wifi Thermostat....Read More

The Honeywell QuietSet Table Oscillating Fan With Sleek Digital Controls!
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Representing the very best in terms of versatility and performance, Honeywell's product of the week is the perfect addition for those looking to beat the heat this summer....Read More

Get the Better of Allergy Season with the Purchase of a Honeywell Air Purifier!
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The Honeywell Store is your premier resource for acquiring elite Air Purifiers that continually set the standard for excellence when it comes to establishing a clean and healthy breathing environment for you and your family. ...Read More

The Honeywell Store Now Offers Free Shipping on Revolutionary Wi-Fi Thermostat
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Honeywell's WiFi Thermostats help save you money by allowing you to adapt and adjust your homes heating and cooling cycles around your days. Find all the best thermostats at More

Honeywell HVAC Furnace Filters - The Premier Defense against Seasonal Allergies!
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Honeywell furnace filters help remove allergens from the air to make your breathing a little bit easier....Read More

Spring Break is Here, Stay Cool with a Portable Honeywell Home Fan!
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Featuring no shortage of options to explore when it comes to quietly and efficiently cooling your surroundings, Honeywell has stacked its catalogue with highly affordable and portable fans that can be utilized in any number of settings and scenarios....Read More

Honeywell Digital Compact Multi-Purpose Security Safes - Now in Multiple Colors!
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Honeywell products have always been known for their tremendous versatility, durability and performance. Enjoy the new Multi-Purpose Security Safes in fun colors!...Read More

Honeywell Portable Air Conditioners - Perfect for Parties, Events and Lowering Energy Costs
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Honeywell's cooling catalogue is fully capable of distributing large quantities of chilled air, Find the perfect portable air conditioner at More

Honeywell Paper Shredders - Protection from Identity Theft
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Honeywell's solution to removing the threats associated with identity theft and fraud comes in a highly responsive and efficient paper shredder....Read More

Honeywell Smart WiFi Thermostats with Color Display and Voice Control!
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Honeywell Smart WiFi thermostats lets you lower your energy bill with a fun and functional design. Get the perfect one for you at More

Save Instantly on Honeywell Air Cleaning Filter Bundles!
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Honeywell air filters are more effective and efficient than standard one-inch fiberglass filters, plus they can last up to one year. ...Read More

Never be left out in the cold with Honeywell Portable Gas Powered Generators
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Honeywell generators are a great source of back up power. Never be stuck out in the cold with generators from More

Redefining the Door Chime - Honeywell Multi-Functional Door Chimes
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Honeywell Premium Portable Wireless Door chimes are the perfect addition to any house, with a variety of add-ons to customize to your desires....Read More

Air Coolers are NOT Air Conditioners
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Trying to pick the right cooling solution? Read on and find out the key differences between an Air Cooler and an Air Conditioner....Read More