Honeywell Fire and Water Chests: A Safe Play Against Would Be Thieves and the Elements

There are a few defining attributes one would associate with an expertly crafted safe. A well designed safe should be very difficult for prying hands to enter, while retaining a swift and convenient means of access for owners. Safes should also be constructed from a durable material that wards off physical and elemental abuse. Keeping would be intruders away via sturdy construction should be a given. It's the fire and water protection that usually gets overlooked when assessing a safe's real value. The Honeywell Store offers a large selection of Honeywell Fire and Weatherproof Chests that include all of the aforementioned features in a variety of sizes and styles.

Honeywell Molded Fire & Water Chests: Physical and Elemental Protection in an Award Winning Design

The Honeywell Store's selection of Honeywell Molded Fire/Water Chests offers lasting protection from physical intrusion and elemental damage. The Honeywell Molded Fire/Water Chest is the recipient of a "Consumer Digest Best Buy" Certificate. This distinction was earned for being a portable and affordable solution for safeguarding valuables from any number of hazards. Solid construction and a two side latch system will deter intrusion, while 30 minute UL Fire Protection and a Waterproof Seal will keep all contents dry for up to one day. The Honeywell Legal Size Waterproof 1 Hour Fire File Chest includes the aforementioned protection design and features while significantly increasing the overall storage capacity. This Honeywell File Chest carries the unique title as being the only UL Fire File Chest that accommodates storage for both Letter and Legal Size Hanging Folders.

All Honeywell Safes are eligible for FREE SHIPPING

Honeywell Fire and Waterproof Chests are a safe selection for those looking to protect their valuables from the obvious and not so obvious hazards in life. The Honeywell Store has also added FREE SHIPPING on all Honeywell Safe purchases.

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