Honeywell's Smart WiFi Thermostats

The introduction of its latest collection of Wi-Fi Thermostats reintroduces the thermostat as an essential household item. Incredibly versatile and responsive by design, the Honeywell Store has made tremendous strides in providing you with the premier choice for easily adjusting and manipulating the temperature within your home.

The Honeywell Store's introduction of its latest series of Smart Wi-Fi Thermostats, like the Honeywell RTH9590WF Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat with Voice Control and Honeywell RET97A5E Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat is to provide its customers with an easily accessible experience with multiple options of interaction. Adjusting your home's temperature has been made especially convenient for smart phone, tablet and computer owners. The Wi-Fi is capable of much more than just providing you with multiple access points to adjust your heating and cooling. Set the temperature of your home well in advance with an integrated programming schedule. The additional ability of catching 5-day forecasts in advance allows you to prepare for changes in the weather and how it will influence your home. Smart features further build upon an already versatile thermostat by automatically determining whether or not your home needs additional heating and cooling. Such features also allow the thermostat to automatically read indoor and outdoor levels of humidity.

For those operating manually, you'll be pleased to discover that the Honeywell Store has implemented a state of the art touchscreen that's entirely customizable. Fully colored and incredibly easy to use, screens are lit with a bright color that details your thermostat's settings in crystal clear definition. Prepare a week's worth of settings with a seven day programmable feature that allows you to customize and adjust to each day's temperature. Three additional and highly convenient settings are included. Permanent, temporary and vacation modes allow you to further customize your experience. The screen also alerts and reminds users of when their filters and humidifiers need to be changed.

Fully Customizable Touch Screen Dispaly Matches any Decor in Your Home:

Honeywell Wifi Thermostat with voice control Honeywell WiFi thermostats with color display

The Honeywell RTH9590WF Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat with Voice Control is the first ever thermostat that simultaneously listens and learns from your voice! Phrases such as "Make it Warmer/Cooler" and "I'm feeling Cold/Warm" will be registered and effectively alter your thermostats settings. This is an incredible leap of ingenuity and allows for a free of touch experience. Whether you're roaming around your home or relaxing, a simple vocal command allows you to interact freely with your thermostat. Advanced "far field" voice-control technology makes this process that much smoother as ambient noise and other distracting sounds will not hinder your voice from reaching your thermostat. With so many built-in alternatives to accessing your thermostat such as smart phone and tablet compatibility, voice recognition elevates this thermostat as the premier and obvious choice for those seeking an incredibly versatile and responsive experience.

The New Smart Wifi Thermostat with Voice Control:

Honeywell Voice Controlled Wifi Thermosat List of Simple Voice Commands:
  • "Change temperature to XX degrees." - Changes temperature to desired degrees.
  • "Make it warmer / cooler" - Changes the temperature setting 1 degree F.
  • "Make it warmer / cooler" - Changes the temperature setting 1 degree F.
  • "Make it much warmer / cooler" - Changes the temperature setting 4 degrees F.
  • "Make it (1-10) degrees warmer / cooler" - Changes between 1 and 10 degrees F.
  • "I'm feeling hot / cold" - Changes the temperature setting 1 degree.
  • "Help" - Provides a list of available commands.
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