Honeywell Digital Compact Multi-Purpose Security Safes - Now in Several Colors!

Honeywell Safes are known for their tremendous versatility, durability and performance. The significance of these three contributing elements are absolutely essential in creating an elite product. This is arguably nowhere more important than in the Honeywell Store's collection of Safety & Security; including home security products like Honeywell door chimes, Honeywell safes, Honeywell light switch timers and Honeywell paper shredders. When it comes to the successful storage and protection of your personal items, money and various other valuables, it's reassuring to know that the Honeywell Store has stocked a product that not only displays these essential qualities, but elevates them in an endeavor to provide you an unrivaled experience that encapsulates flexibility, strength and above all else, reassurance.

Versatility is the name of the game with the Honeywell Store's latest contribution to an already impressive assortment of safes. Even at first glance, the Honeywell 5005B Digital Steel Compact Security Safe separates itself from the norm by featuring three distinctive colors. The availability of a handsome blue, festive pink and standard white option allows users to purchase the best safe to match their room's decor or represent their personality in a colorful fashion. The inclusion of multiple colors and the safe's relatively small size work wonders in elevating the genre from the somewhat unsightly and bulkier models of yesteryear.

The addition to freely choose between three colors that best suit your individual needs is an already impressive feat for a safe. Due to its exceptional versatility and resilience, a host of valid installation options can be explored when utilizing this safe. The ability to select between multiple colors and the actual sizing make these a natural addition for any number of rooms and scenarios. Whether you're shopping for a piece to complement a child's bed room or seeking to bolster your security options in your workshop or personal office, this safe comes equipped with mounting hardware that further increases the number of installation options. There really isn't a shortage of valid choices to pursue. Sending your son or daughter to college? This is an excellent safe to utilize in a dorm room. Need a dependable and secure option for your small business? Install this safe under your store counter and establish that much sought after peace of mind.

The latest installment in a series of stellar safes, the Honeywell 5005B safes showcases their versatility with its selection of differing colors and compact design. Durability can readily be observed by the safe's inclusion of multiple safety enhancers and anti-theft precautions. Lastly, performance has been extended significantly due to the sheer number of settings and instances this safe can be properly utilized. By creating a security option that requests users to be especially creative with its utilization, the Honeywell Store has stocked an exemplary product that exceeds the three themes common in all of these products.

Honeywell 5005 Series Compacts Security Safes:

Honeywell 5005P Digital Steel Compact Security Safe in Pink Honeywell 5005W Digital Steel Compact Security Safe in White Honeywell 5005B Digital Steel Compact Security Safe in Blue
Honeywell Dorm Safe for Girls Honeywell home or office safe Honeywell safe for boys rooms or dorm rooms

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