Honeywell Paper Shredders - Protection from Identity Theft

Identity theft and various other breaches of personal and private materials reached astonishing highs in 2013. Nearly 12 million individuals residing in the United States were adversely affected and an estimated $21 billion dollars has reportedly been lost due to the misuse of Credit Cards and Personal Information. With criminals becoming more and more aggressive and deploying advanced technology, it's imperative that you have a product that can potentially eliminate the threat of stolen identity within your home or place of work.

The Honeywell Store's solution to potentially removing the threats associated with identity theft and fraud comes in a highly responsive and efficient product. The Honeywell Twelve Sheet Cross-Cut Paper Shredder is the ultimate in thwarting criminal intention and safely discarding all of your personal or unwanted materials and documents. Fully capable of tearing up to 12 sheets of paper in rapid succession, this shredder has the added ability of destroying CD's, DVD's and most importantly, Credit Cards. The added bonus of three separate functions allows users to switch between Auto, Reverse and Forward. These options add flexibility to an already versatile product. The extended length and width to the basket's dimensions cut down on emptying and ensure that you have ample room to properly remove all of your important and highly personal information in a safe and timely manner.

Honeywell Papper Shredders - 12 Cross Cut Paper Shedder and 6 Stip Cut Paper Shredder:

Honeywell 9112 Twelve (12) Sheet Cross-Cut Paper Shredder Honeywell 9106 Six (6) Sheet Strip-Cut Paper Shredder

2014 has all of the ingredients to shatter 2013's fraud and identity theft records. So long as our surrounding technologies continue to advance, a criminal's crooked ambitions to utilize and manipulate said technologies will only heighten. 7% of all households in the United States were targeted in identity theft last year. Out of the homes that were hit, an estimated $5,000 in stolen funds was reported. Help eliminate the possibility of becoming a statistic for next year's survey and secure an unprecedented peace of mind with Honeywell and its superior answer to handling fraud and identity theft.

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