Common Questions About Honeywell Ceilng Fans

Why should I choose a Honeywell Ceiling Fan?

The Honeywell Store features a large collection of ceiling fans that can accommodate nearly any indoor or outdoor setting. The availability of hugger ceiling fans, downrod ceiling fans and angled ceiling fans ensures that you'll have plenty of options to peruse when it comes to introducing a steady breeze of cool air. Capable of cooling or heating (see ceiling fans with a reversible motors) small to large settings, Honeywell Ceiling Fans offer tremendous flexibility. All Honeywell Ceiling Fans come with reversible blades, offering even more flexibility to any given setting. Designed elegantly with longevity in mind, Honeywell Ceiling Fans are capable of adding multiple layers of style while promoting excellent air circulation. Shopping at the Honeywell Store guarantees authenticity and quality with every purchase.

Which ceiling fan is right for my setting?

There are a few factors to consider before selecting a ceiling fan. Naturally, you're going to want to choose something that complements the setting. It should be noted that all Honeywell Ceiling Fans feature reversible blades. Not being locked into one blade setting opens some welcomed versatility when it comes to cooling or heating (see ceiling fans with reversible motors). Once you've narrowed in on the look, you're going to want to make sure that your ceiling is compatible with the fan. Take a room with a vaulted ceiling for instance. A flush mount ceiling fan wouldn't be ideal in this instance as it was designed to rest flat on a surface. You'd get far better results with an angled mount ceiling fan. Other factors such as a ceiling fan's wet rating (outdoor use) are also important to note.

Does the size of the ceiling fan matter?

Of course. A larger fan will naturally do well in a bigger setting. Think of it this way. Ceiling fans are often considered one the most effective ways of circulating air throughout a room. You wouldn't want to install a ceiling fan meant for an outdoor patio in a larger living room. Honeywell Ceiling Fans are available as small as 30 inches and as large as 62 inches. This covers a lot of ground for homeowners looking to incorporate cooling in their home. Here's a breakdown based on the available models:

  • 36 in. (or less) ceiling fans excel in rooms measuring 75 sq. ft.

  • 36 in. to 42 in. ceilings fans excel in rooms measuring 144 sq. ft.

  • 50 in. to 54 in. ceiling fans excel in rooms measuring 225 sq. ft.

What are the differences between ceiling fan mounts?

  • Flush Mount & Hugger Ceiling Fans are an excellent choice for locations that feature low ceilings (8 ft. or below) with minimal space to spare. If you're in a smaller room. This selection of ceiling fans (also referred to as a close mount) does not implement any additional attachments such as a downrod.

  • Downrod Mount Ceiling Fans are intended for areas with larger ceilings (8 ft. or higher). This selection of ceiling fans comes equipped with a metal downrod that connects the motor housing to the mounting hardware. The standard downrod featured in this selection of Honeywell Ceiling Fans is 4 in. long, allowing for increased airflow.

  • Angled Mount Ceiling Fans allow for additional flexibility. You'll be able hang these ceiling fans on angled or sloped ceilings, opening a wealth on installation options in the process.

Are there Honeywell Ceiling Fans that include more than one of these mounting options?

Yes, you'll find that a large selection of Honeywell Ceiling Fans incorporate Dual and Tri Mounting. Dual Mount Ceiling Fans offer for some real versatility as they allow for downrod and angled installation. Tri Mount Compatible Ceiling Fans add close mount hanging, ensuring no small shortage of viable installation settings.

Can I install my ceiling fan outdoors?

Yes, but it depends on the model. A selection of Honeywell Outdoor Ceiling Fans feature weather resistant blades that can be installed in an outdoor area such as a balcony. It all depends on the ceiling fan's wet rating. You'll find that Honeywell Ceiling Fans are available in the dry (indoor only) and damp (covered outdoor areas such as patios and garages).

Is it true I can actually heat my surroundings with a ceiling fan?

You absolutely can. Honeywell Ceiling Fans are excellent for circulating a room's air. During the spring and summer months, a ceiling fan will naturally service as an energy efficient cooling option. Honeywell Ceiling Fans that feature a reversible motor can assist in spreading warm air throughout a setting. Reversible motor ceiling fans work with a heater to evenly distribute warm air throughout a room. For the best results, we recommend using the lowest setting on your ceiling fan when the reversible motor is activated.

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