Common Questions About Honeywell Fans

What is a TurboForce Fan?

Honeywell TurboForce Fans are primarily centered on accessibility and performance while delivering an altogether quiet experience (25% quieter than comparable fans). Available in personal to whole room cooling options, Honeywell TurboForce Fans feature increased flexibility with their ability to pivot in multiple directions.

What is a QuietSet Fan?

Honeywell QuietSet Fans feature a range of quiet operation levels including “sleep” and “white noise”. QuietSet Fans are fitted with aerodynamic blades and a cone shaped air diffuser that’s engineered to deliver a powerful cooling experience with reduced noise. Let the soothing sound of these powerful fans lull you to sleep while also keeping your surroundings cool and comfortable.

What is a Comfort Control Fan?

Honeywell Comfort Control Fans will spread a steady amount of cool air in a wide area due to their oscillation. Ranging from personal to whole room cooling, these oscillating fans come with multiple cooling speeds for increased comfort. The Honeywell Double Bladed Pedestal Fan comes with the added bonus of delivering 15% more air volume.

What is the difference between white noise and pink noise?

Both white and pink noise fans can be extremely useful in calming the body into a generous night's sleep. White noise fans are less balanced in that they gather a collection of opposing frequencies to create a repetitive string of sounds. The aim is to drown out any noise that may disturb your rest while establishing a noise pattern for concentration. The results often vary and can range from static, hissing, rattling and everything in between. Pink noise fans differ in that they succeed in achieving balance. The focus on balancing a mix of high and low frequencies results in an even, reliable and constant sound output.

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