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Common Questions About Honeywell Safes

Why should I get a Honeywell Safe?

In times of uncertainty, it's never a bad idea to know that your valuables are well protected from theft and environmental damage. In a nation where the percentage of home burglaries, residential fires and flooding continues to run rampant, the importance of safeguarding your valuables cannot be downplayed. The US Department of Justice and the US Fire Administration have released the following statistics:

  • There are between 2.3 and 2.6 million robberies every year in the United States.
  • The worst month for home invasions is July, when people are on vacation and out of town.
  • Roughly 1,318,500 fires occur in the United States resulting in a loss of $25.6 billion dollars.

Honeywell Safes continue to represent the gold standard for protection as they incorporate tried and tested measures to secure all of your personal documents, valuables and money. The Honeywell Store features a massive collection of personal safes, electronic safes and fireproof safes that offer elite protection in this regard. The series continues to evolve and expand as new entries featuring newer technologies are constantly being added.

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