Honeywell Air Purifiers and Air Cleaners for Alergy Season
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Honeywell Air Cleaner Sale

  • Honeywell Air Purifiers are the #1 brand recommended by allergists.
  • True HEPA filter captures up to 99.97% of microscopic particles from the air that passes through the filter.
  • UV Technology helps reduce airborne bacteria, viruses, fungi and mold spores.
  • Enhanced odor absorbing pre-filter reduces unpleasant household odors faster.
  • Helps reduce household VOC's & certain gases.
  • Advanced electronic controls, 12 cleaning levels, 1-18 hour timer, filter-clean indicator and oscillation.
Honeywell Air Purifier Sale

  • Patented iFD filters capture up to 99% of ultra-fine particles.
  • The permanent filter is easily rinsed clean in water.
  • Requires little maintenance and no expensive replacement filter costs.
  • The sleek compact tower design takes up little space.
  • 2 air cleaning levels with an easy to use control knob.
  • Energy efficient - uses about the same amount of power as a standard light bulb.

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