Honeywell Smart Bowl

You can monitor your dog’s steps, calories burned, active hours, rest time and more with a Honeywell Activity Tracker. Compare day to day collected data and set goals to ensure that your dog is staying active. An activity tracker will also allow you to follow your dog’s tracks in real time. The tracker uses digital geo-fencing to keep you notified when your pet leaves their “safe zone”. During an emergency, you can use the recorded route history and find-my-pet alarm to locate their exact position, offering some much needed peace of mind. The pet activity tracker is water resistant and features a low battery alarm. Keep tabs on your dog’s exercise and rest time while ensuring they’re always near you with a Honeywell Activity Tracker.

Honeywell Smart Feeders

Smart Pet Feeders add an extra level of convenience to caring for your pets. By using the Smart Pet App from your mobile device, you’ll be able to remotely deliver meals to your pet anytime and anywhere. You’ll also be able to portion out just the right amount of kibble, ensuring your pet gets the perfect amount every time. You’ll be able to program up to 10 meals per day, allowing for some true customization when it comes to your pet’s diet. Both pet feeders have built-in Wi-Fi capabilities that also allow for instant remote feeding. They also include a backup battery design to protect against power failure. Honeywell Smart Pet Feeders are a great device to ensure your pets are fed safely and on time, even when you're busy or on the go.

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