Dream a Better Night's Sleep with the Honeywell DreamWeaver Sleep Fan

Securing the best possible avenue towards falling and remaining asleep can often be a trial and error process. One of them may include implementing a fan in your designated sleeping area that produces the sound patterns associated with white or pink noise. White noise fans aren't exactly the revelation they once were as their benefits have been documented at length. The results were so encouraging that a large selection of Honeywell Fans features 'white noise' as a selectable noise output. But what is a pink noise fan and how is it any different from a white noise fan?

Pink Noise: An Optimal Mix of High and Low Frequencies Centered on Balance

Both white and pink noise fans can be extremely useful in calming the body into a generous night's sleep. White noise fans are less balanced in that they gather a collection of opposing frequencies to create a repetitive string of sounds. The aim is to drown out any noise that may disturb your rest while establishing a noise pattern for concentration. The results often vary and can range from static, hissing, rattling and everything in between. Pink noise fans differ in that they succeed in achieving balance. The focus on balancing a mix of high and low frequencies results in an even, reliable and constant sound output. While white noise attempts to steal your attention by forcing you to focus on its sound distribution, pink noise will gently ease you into a more relaxed state. If white noise is the sound of your television or radio being left on then pink noise can be likened to the gentle pouring of rain outside your window.

Introducing the DreamWeaver Sleep Fan: The First Honeywell Pink Noise Fan

The Honeywell Store is now retailing the Honeywell DreamWeaver Sleep Fan. Delivering three powerful cooling speeds, this pink noise fan can be adjusted to work with or without airflow. It's a feature that will afford you increased customization when creating your ideal sleeping environment. You can leave the airflow shutter open during those hot summer months or keep them closed in the winter. The choice is yours. Regardless of your cooling preference, you'll have continuous access to a steady amount of pink noise. This desk fan also includes a large selection of utility features that boost its overall value. Its compact design makes it versatile enough for any number of setups. A light dimming option provides a subtle nightlight. There's also a USB charging port that can accommodate a number of electronic devices. Soothing pink noise is expected. The staggering versatility is a nice surprise.

The Honeywell Store offers this pink noise fan and a series of white noise fans such as the Honeywell QuietSet Table Oscillating Fan and Honeywell QuietSet Mini Tower Table Fan. The availability of a pink noise fan and white noise fans ensures that you'll have options when it comes to getting that much closer to a better night's sleep.

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