Common Questions About Honeywell Door Levers & Handlesets

What are Honeywell Non-Locking Door Levers and Knobs used for?

Honeywell Non-Locking Door Levers and Knobs are a signature piece that can be found the world over. Effortlessly stylish and incredibly practical, Honeywell Non-Locking Knobs can go with just about anything. Given the amount of options available (bronze, satin, nickel, brass...) within the Honeywell Store, it's more than likely that you find a non-locking door lever or knob to go with the door you've selected. We'd recommend using these for bathroom doors, bedroom doors, closet doors and anything else within the home.

How about Honeywell Single Lock Door Knobs?

Honeywell Single Lock Door Knobs offer a bit more of peace mind as they come equipped with a locking mechanism. Increased security allows for more installation settings as you'll be able to use a single lock door knob and lever on doors designed for privacy. The customers we've interacted with love using these for bedroom doors and bathroom doors, but they can certainly be used on a main door or anything that required a little security.

I want to use a keypad instead of using a physical key. What do you suggest?

Creating custom codes allow for a level of access that's unavailable in the aforementioned door locks. Honeywell Digital Door Locks offer a way for you, family, friends or even coworkers an entrance without the need of an actual key. Of course, the Honeywell Store's selection of digital door locks come with an actual physical key just in case. These are an excellent choice for homeowners or businesses that would like to extend their means of entry without relying on a physical key.

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