Strengthen Your Home's Defense System with Honeywell Smart Home Accessories

The Honeywell Smart Home Security Base works in tandem with all Honeywell Smart Home Devices. Whether you're searching to add outdoor surveillance or further interior monitoring, the security base can accommodate individual preferences. The security base supports the following Smart Home Accessories:

Honeywell Smart Home Security Access Sensor for Windows and Doors:

Access Sensors are easy to install and are capable of extending your security system. You'll receive alerts whenever windows or doors in the home are left open unexpectedly. Security Access Sensors include highly sensitive detection that's capable of identifying movement measuring less than one inch. You will be notified if a window or door is being tampered with.

Honeywell Smart Home Security Motion Sensor:

Motion sensors detect movement using passive infrared technology - using heat signatures that all living things emit - up to 33 feet away. Indoor Motion Sensors can differentiate between background noises such as fans, vacuums and family pets (up to 79 lbs.). You'll receive an alert when unrecognized motion is detected.

Honeywell Smart Home Security Outdoor MotionViewers:

Extend your system's surveillance output by monitoring the front door, backyard and garage. Outdoor MotionViewers are equipped with night vision and infrared. They also include weather resistant construction that allows for undisturbed day and night surveillance regardless of outdoor conditions.

Honeywell Smart Home Security Indoor MotionViewers:

Indoor MotionViewers can be implemented in areas that the security base station can't reach. This allows for increased peace of mind as you'll be able to keep an eye on more rooms within the household. MotionViewers will record a ten second video clip when unregistered motion is detected. You'll immediately be alerted via smart phone when a disturbance is detected.

Honeywell Smart Home Security Key Fob:

Think of the security key fob as remote control for your home. The Smart Home Security Key Fob provides a one-click means of controlling your Smart Home Security System. This will allow friends and family to come and go as they please without having to access the Honeywell Home app.

The entire selection of Wireless Smart Home Security products is readily available for purchase online at the Honeywell Store. A Wireless Smart Home Network is capable of bolstering security within and outside of the home. Help protect what matters - your way with Honeywell Smart Home Security.

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