Shooting Eye Wear & Hearing Protection: Ideal for Hunting and Range

The Honeywell Store is a leading source for acquiring Shooting Eyewear and Hearing Protection for the range and outdoor hunting. Available in a series of styles, colors and differing lens capabilities, the Honeywell Store's selection of Shooting Sports Eyewear offers a sleek, lightweight and affordable means of ensuring eye protection. The availability of Shooting Sports Hearing Protection ensures immediate access to a collection that includes: Sound Amplification Electronic Earmuffs, Folding Style Earmuffs, Single-Use Earplugs and Multiple-Use Earplugs. When used collectively, the Honeywell Store's selection of Shooting Sports Eyewear and Shooting Sports Hearing Protection enable optimal vision and sound safety.

Shooting Sports Eyewear

The use of a firearm presents a series of hazards that can be extremely detrimental to vision. All firearms carry varying degrees of recoil and blowback. Regardless of whether you're firing with a rifle or handgun, you'll be engaging in a shooting activity that takes place extremely close to the face. Things get even more dangerous when outdoor variables such as the presence of sunlight, wind and dust are introduced. The Honeywell 1000 Series Shooter's Safety Eyewear is perfectly suited for outdoor applications that feature sunlight and other factors that may cause increased eye strain and fatigue. The Honeywell Store also features the Honeywell Adult Shooting Combo Kit. This kit includes lightweight shooting glasses and adjustable earmuffs that provide an extremely convenient means of securing vision and hearing protection.

Shooting Sports Hearing Protection

Honeywell Sound Amplification Earmuffs were designed to provide shooters with superior protection from hazardous noises, while delivering distortion-free amplification of low level sounds such as range commands and conversation. The potential for noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) is increased tenfold when utilizing a proper means of hearing protection. The Honeywell Impact Sport Bolt Sound Amplification Electronic Earmuff amplifies ambient sound while automatically blocking hazardous noises. Honeywell Impact Bolt Sport Earmuffs actively listen and automatically shut off amplification whenever harmful sound levels are detected. The availability of Honeywell Leight Plugs Low Pressure Single-Use Foam Earplugs and Honeywell AirSoft Corded Multiple-Use Earplugs ensure that owners will have an increased amount of options when selecting their preferred means of ear protection. Honeywell Earplugs are offered in varying quantities; they're also available in the single-use and reusable variety.

The Honeywell Store has streamlined the process of purchasing Shooting Sports Eyewear and Hearing Protection. When it comes to securing an optimal defense for your eyes and ears, you can readily rely on the Honeywell Store for your safety needs.

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