Best Tower Fans From Honeywell In 2020

What to look for when selecting a tower fan:

When selecting a tower fan, it’s important to focus on the fan’s cooling capacity and other features such as its ability to perform quietly and efficiently. Engineered to deliver a powerful cooling experience with minimal noise output, Honeywell Tower Fans excel at releasing a steady amount of cool air with an increased emphasis on mitigating sound levels. In particular, Honeywell QuietSet Fans feature multiple settings and speeds that blend cool, refreshing air with personal sound quality to perfectly match your surrounding area. Honeywell Tower Fans showcase the following highly sought features:

Benefits of using a tower fan:

  • Multiple Speed/Sound Settings: Customize your cooling experience with just the right strength setting
  • Maneuverability: Sturdy base w/ a carrying handle and a slim design allow for convenient setup
  • Accessibility: Easy touch control panel w/ remote control (QuietSet Tower Fans only) allows for more than one way of accessing your tower fan
  • 1-8 Hour Shut-Off Timer: Increased customization via the ability to setup hourly settings that provide energy saving potential

Best Selling Honeywell Tower Fans:

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