Learn the Benefits of Replacing Your HVAC Furnace and What MERV Rating Means

Knowing when to replace a furnace filter can be essential in maintaining a hospitable breathing environment. The benefits range from breathing in healthier air to saving additional costs on energy expenses. The Honeywell Store includes an extended selection of Furnace Filters for HVAC Systems. Honeywell HVAC Furnace Filters are available in a multitude of sizes and differing MERV ratings. A MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) rating measures the overall efficiency of an air filter's capacity for capturing airborne particles. The Honeywell Store includes HVAC Furnace Filters that measure between the ratings of 8 and 12. This is an optimal rating range for most residential homes.

It is recommended that HVAC Furnace Filters be replaced every month. This is especially important in the summer and winter months when HVAC Furnaces are tasked with an additional workload. By replacing HVAC Furnace Filters in a routine fashion, homeowners will have access to an increased amount of benefits. One such benefit is the extended lifespan of an HVAC unit. The continual use of an unchanged filter places unnecessary strain on an HVAC system. A mass accumulation of dirt hampers the unit's ability to perform regularly and may result in the system overheating or breaking down altogether. Regularly replacing Honeywell HVAC Furnace Filters is an incredibly easy way to lengthen the lifespan of a preexisting heating and cooling system.

Replacing HVAC Furnace Filters is an excellent way to reduce overall energy expenses. A clogged air filter requires more energy input to support a steady amount of heating and cooling. A continual reliance upon more energy will cause an increase in energy costs. Depleted air filters can also lead to the polluting of an entire HVAC system. It's a process that could lead to extra repairs, services and parts.

Fully operating Honeywell HVAC Furnace Filters can also be essential in creating a better breathing experience. This is especially important for anyone that suffers from the recurring effects of allergies or asthma. A depleted furnace filter can actually worsen air quality and aggravate existing symptoms. It's no secret that today's tightly-built homes trap dust, allergens and many more potentially hazardous contaminates. It's also none too surprising that poor indoor air quality ranks among the top five environmental risks to public health. Honeywell HVAC Furnace Filters can play an integral role in alleviating households from a collection of airborne particles.

Honeywell Furnace Filters differ in both size and MERV rating. A MERV 12 rating offers superior residential air filtration and is capable of capturing pollen, dust mites, mold spores, pet dander and a host of other airborne particles. The following MERV 12 Rated Honeywell Furnace Filters are readily available for purchase online.

A selection of MERV 8 and 10 Rated Honeywell Furnace Filters is also available for online purchase.

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