Honeywell Humidifier Replacement Filters: What You Need To Know

Honeywell Humidifiers that provide cool invisible moisture require a wicking filter in order to operate. This is necessary because the wicking filter allows water to evaporate invisibly into the surrounding air. Honeywell Protec Replacement Humidifier Filters are capable of removing 99% of the growth and migration of mold, bacteria and fungus on the filter. (Blue pre-filter layer helps capture large particles and provides additional structural support). To maximize the overall efficiency of your Honeywell Humidifier, it's recommended that the filter be replaced once every 30-60 days. The number of days varies depending on how frequently the humidifier is used. When talking about efficiency, it's important to understand how to optimize your humidifier. Here's five quick tips that will help you attain the very best results in securing a more hospitable and comfortable breathing environment.

Off Brand Filters Are a Bad Idea

You should never substitute a generic filter for a filter specifically designed for your humidifier. Using off brand filters can hinder the performance while possibly damaging your Honeywell Humidifier. Honeywell Replacement Humidifier Filters have been specifically engineered to deliver optimal results for compatible Honeywell Humidifiers. Using the correct filters ensures maximum moisture output and a longer lifespan for your humidifier.

Antimicrobial Protection is an Excellent Idea

The duration of a humidifier filter's time is spent soaked in water. Remove the filter's antimicrobial treatment properties and your filter can be exposed to mold and bacterial growth. When selecting the correct replacement filter, be certain it's designed with antimicrobial protection. Honeywell Replacement Humidifier Filters implement Protec, an antimicrobial treatment that inhibits up to 99.99% of mold growth on the filter.

Filters Don't Have to be Cleaned

It's a common misconception to think that you may prolong your humidifier filter's lifespan by cleaning it. The opposite holds true. A filter should never be cleaned with soap, vinegar or any sort of chemical solution. These methods can actually damage or destroy the filter entirely. Should your humidifier filter ever become hardened with mineral buildup, you can remove it by soaking the filter in cold water. It should be noted that this is only a temporary solution. A replacement filter should still be used when the existing one has exceeded its use.

You Can Extend the Longevity of your Filter's Lifespan

Humidifier Filters should never be cleaned with the aforementioned methods. However, there is a solution to extending a replacement filter's effectiveness. Simply flip the filter every time you fill the humidifier's water tank. This will prevent the top of the filter from drying out, boosting its overall efficiency.

Knowing when to Purchase Replacement Filters

30-60 days remains the typical schedule for replacing your humidifier's filter. The results vary depending on the humidifier's use of hard, mineral rich water. Signs to look for when replacing your filter include: the actual filter being stiff and rigid or encrusted with buildup. The filter emits a foul odor. If you notice the humidifier's moisture output has lessened then it's time to purchase a replacement filter swiftly. The Honeywell Store offers a large selection of Humidifier Replacement Filters that implement antimicrobial properties. When replacing your Honeywell Humidifier Filter, use a filter designed exclusively for Honeywell Humidifiers.

Which Honeywell Humidifier is right for me?

Introducing moisture into your home or work setting is an excellent way to combat the effect of dry air. Ranging from irritated skin to interrupted sleep, a lack of essential moisture in the surrounding area can really dampen your overall quality of life. The Honeywell Store offers a large selection of Honeywell Humidifiers (ranging from portable humidifiers to whole home humidifiers) that are capable of releasing comforting, relieving moisture into your surroundings.

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