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The Honeywell Store is featuring a limited time promotional offer that will allow customers to purchase any selection of Honeywell Safes at Free Shipping! Honeywell Safes represent an industry standard for excellence in offering the maximum in peace of mind at a fraction of the competitor 's price. Establishing a vast collection of Safes, Security Chests, Security Boxes, Executive Gun Safes and various other superior protection solutions, the Honeywell brand has gone above and beyond to cater to each and every individual's needs. This limited time promotional offer of Free Shipping is exclusive to the Honeywell Store and is applicable to all safes featured online at the Honeywell Store.

Honeywell Fire-Resistant & Water-Proof Safes

Honeywell Safes offer tremendous versatility and unsurpassed strength. Honeywell Fire and Water Resistant Safes are an ideal addition for anyone searching to protect documents and various other valuables that can ill afford to get wet or damaged. The Honeywell Molded Fire/Water Large File Chest is a heavily reinforced and resilient solution to safeguarding any number of valuables. Secure unprecedented levels in peace of mind with this chest's ability to withstand a fire of up to 1700F for one hour! The addition of a waterproof seal and two side latches protects against emergency sprinklers, floods and various other forms of water damage. This particular safe was built to withstand 48 hours of continuous water damage in up to 39 inches of water. Honeywell Fire and Water Safes are available in a myriad of sizes and perform admirably in providing superior protection against a series of natural and foreign threats.

Honeywell Combination and Digital Lock Anti-Theft Safes

The Honeywell Store includes a large variety of Combination Lock and Digital Lock Safes. Honeywell Combination Lock Safes are coated in steel and utilize a four number combination lock. Combination Lock Safes feature two entry keys. Double Steel Wall Construction and adjustable shelves makes this selection a highly efficient storage option. Honeywell Digital Lock Safes are available in an extensive variety and offer owners the luxury of swiftly and conveniently accessing their contents with a programmed code. Digital Lock Safes come with the added perk of increased ease of use for owners. Utilizing newly improved Digital Dial Lock Technology, these safes are easily accessible for owners and nearly impossible for would-be intruders.

Honeywell Executive & Large Gun Safes

The Honeywell Store also features an assortment of Honeywell Executive Gun Safes. Honeywell Executive and Gun Safes boast a series of anti-theft mechanisms designed specifically to prevent tampering and break-ins. Regardless of whether you 're looking to preserve your valuables or protect your firearms from prying hands, the entirety of the Honeywell Store catalogue of online safes is eligible for Free Shipping. This limited time promotion of Free Shipping is a Honeywell Store exclusive.
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