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George J
May 18, 2022
Verified Purchase
Perfect thermostat

These thermostats are outstanding, very smart product,

May 18, 2022
Verified Purchase
Life easier

This product is great. Easy install, easy connection, and easy programming. Makes life easier!

Thomas Elkins
August 18, 2020
Verified Purchase
Great Thermostat

Awesome Unit, very easy to install and set up. Being able to have the ability to use occupancy sensors in each room is awesome!

June 7, 2020
Easy to set up with remote senspr

Easy to set up, we will se how well it works balancing the temps with the remote sensor. It is dissapointing that to control this with the app that you need a dedicated 2.4 GHz network. I will have to set this up on my router and switch from the normal 5GHz network used by everthing else when I want to connect.

Alex Koch
April 2, 2020
Verified Purchase

Best thermostat I've ever had love how accurate it is and the ability to remote monitor

Anthony Monteleone
January 6, 2020
Verified Purchase
Maint. Tech

They were easy to install and set up

Tom Karaus
December 16, 2019
Verified Purchase
Great Thermostat

The thermostat is easy to use. My wife has taken over the programming of it. Like the fact that when the heat is on the face of the thermostat glowa orange.

What does the new T9 Smart Thermostat consist of?
The product features a Smart Thermostat, wireless smart room sensors and the Honeywell Home app. You can purchase the thermostat and sensors separately or bundled. Together, they effortlessly deliver comfort when and where it's needed. The T-Series smart thermostats connect to the smart room sensors via a proprietary 900 MHz wireless radio that can connect to the thermostat up to a 200 ft. range providing a reliable connection to monitor temperature and humidity.
How do I reset my Honeywell T9 Thermostat?

There are several ways you can reset your Honeywell Home Smart Thermostat:

    1. Press the Menu icon
    2. Scroll down to “Advanced Setup” and select it
    3. Select “Reset”
    4. Select “Factory Reset”
    1. Press the Menu icon
    2. Scroll down to “WiFi” and select it
    3. Select “Change Network”
    4. Select the new WiFi network and enter the password
    1. Press the Menu icon
    2. Scroll down to “Advanced Setup” and select it
    3. Select “Reset”
    4. Select “Schedule Reset”
    1. Press the Menu icon
    2. Scroll down to “Advanced Setup” and select it
    3. Select “Reset”
    4. Select “HomeKit Reset”
Does this thermostat have any learning capabilities?
Yes, it has "Smart Response" and "Adaptive Recovery," which learns how long it takes the home to heat or cool itself. For example, if you want your bedroom set to 70 degrees when you wake up at 6 am, the system knows it takes 30 minutes to heat your home, so the furnace will start heating at 5:30 am. Likewise, if you want a cool bedroom, 65 degrees, at 10 pm, the system takes in to account how long it typically takes your home to reach that point.
When using active rooms, how long are those rooms considered
The sensor has an occupancy algorithm based on how many motion events it sees within a certain timeframe. This was set up so that if someone briefly walks through a room, the sensor will tell the thermostat that the room is "occupied" for 10 minutes. If someone is in a room longer, then the timeout will be increased automatically.

Sensors communicate directly with the thermostat via Honeywell Home RedLINK technology. After sensing motion, the communication should take less than 3 seconds to assign the room priority, depending on battery and signal strength.

What if my thermostat is set to monitor Active Rooms, but none of the rooms are active?
If none of the sensors are detecting people in the rooms in which they're placed, the thermostat will default to sense from its location in the home. If geofencing is turned on, and the Honeywell Home app senses that none of the users are home, geofencing technology will turn the thermostat to your 'away' temperature.
What does room prioritization mean and how does it work?
You can select which rooms/smart room sensors you want your thermostat to focus on (which rooms it should measure). For example, during nap time, you may want the nursery room prioritized so the baby sleeps at the ideal temperature. In this case, you can set the priority via a simple voice command; or those rooms are prioritized when people are detected in them. You can even select multiple rooms to be prioritized, like all 3 of the bedrooms, and the thermostat will heat or cool the home based on an average of those rooms.
How does motion-based priority work with multiple people in the house?
If the thermostat's priority is set to 'Active Rooms', then any room that detects motion will become prioritized. The average of those rooms' temperatures will be monitored so that the thermostat can adjust to your preferred temperature setpoint. If one of the sensors no longer detects people in that room, that sensor will adjust after a period of time, using the algorithm based on motion events that it sees within a certain timeframe.

Welcome to 'Just Right'

Get smart temperature control in the rooms you care about most. Choose comfort for the room you want, when you want, or allow comfort to go where you go as you move about your home. Then, help save energy when you leave. The minute your family starts waking up, your T9 Smart Thermostat starts working to get the right temperature in the rooms you want to help you prepare for the day.

Changes Modes When You Go

Geofencing can let the T9 know when you leave, so it changes modes to save energy. As you go about your day, you'll be able to check in on your home at any time, and even get alerts if the temperature goes above or below your threshold. With the Honeywell Home app and geofencing, the T9 will know when you're coming and going. No matter your schedule, you can always come home to comfort and save energy when you're away.

People Detection and Smart Response

With Smart Room Sensors, the T9 can know which rooms are in use so it can automatically focus on them. Intelligent motion detection algorithms help it tell the difference between someone passing through or spending time in a room, so your ideal comfort can efficiently follow you and your family from room to room over the course of your day. Smart Response and Alerts will intelligently learn your home's heating and cooling cycle time to deliver the optimal temperature at the right time, reminding you to change your filters when you need to.

Whole Home Coverage

Smart Room Sensors have a stronger signal that can reach up to 200 ft. and penetrate further and deeper across the whole home. This also means the quality of the signal and data presented to the T9 is increased, allowing greater learning and control. Thick walls and flooring can't stand between you and home comfort.

Helps Everyone Sleep Comfortably

As everyone settles in for the night, the T9 shifts focus to the rooms which you selected as important to look after. With comfort focused on the bedroom, a place where you and your family spend a third of their lives, you can be sure your home is working hard to make the temperature 'just right'.

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