Smart Home Security System

Honeywell's Smart Home Security System is a collection of products designed for your home that can easily be set up to help protect the people and things you love. The selection consists of:

Camera Base Station:

A security hub that combines a HD camera, a loud siren to deter and detract perpetrators, and hardware for secure communications with various Honeywell sensors.

Access Sensors:

These sensors can be placed on doors or windows to detect when they are open or closed. They consist of two parts that work in tandem - a larger half (detector) and a small half (magnet).

Motion Sensor:

This sensor detects movement using passive infrared technology - using heat signatures that all living things emit - up to 33 feet away.

Key Fob:

Think of it as remote control for your home. Key Fob helps you manually switch modes between Home, Away, Night, and Off.


Available for indoor and outdoor use, MotionViewers are Motion Sensors outfitted with a tiny camera. So, you get reliable detection of movement and get to see a video clip of who's there.

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