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Brighten up Your Indoor/Outdoor Settings with Honeywell LED Light Fixtures

The Honeywell brand is responsible for releasing a continually evolving selection of home electronics that are characterized by their accessibility, cost effectiveness and overall performance. This can be observed with the Honeywell Store’s expanded collection of Honeywell LED Light Fixtures. LED light fixtures designed by the Honeywell brand provide an energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing means of lighting up any number of indoor or outdoor settings. Honeywell LED Light Fixtures are available in an extended collection that includes: ceiling lights, shop lights, security lights, floodlights, wall mount lanterns and string light sets. The entirety of the Honeywell Light Fixture catalogue showcases Honeywell LED Technology that will afford owners immediate access to all of the beauty and ambience associated with traditional incandescent bulbs.

Outdoor LED Security Lights, Timed or Motion Activated

Honeywell LED Security Lights provide a simple and energy efficient means of acquiring added levels in peace of mind. Incredibly versatile by design, the Honeywell LED Security Light in Aluminum Construction is capable of enhancing the overall security of any home or place of business. The inclusion of Photocell Technology provides an automatic on/off function that will allow owners to save additional income on their energy expenses. The Honeywell Weathered LED Security Light is another excellent addition that will enhance the overall safety of outdoor living spaces. A simple and energy efficient means of bolstering the security around your home, this Honeywell LED Security Light is a versatile selection for driveways, backyards, patios and any other outdoor area that requires immediate lighting. Honeywell's intuitive use of integrated LED's removes the hassle of ever having to replace bulbs. This unit is UL/Energy Star certified and sturdily constructed out of aluminum.

Wall Mount Lanterns, String Light Sets & More LED Fixtures

The inclusion of Honeywell Wall Mount Lanterns affords owners a wealth of options to explore when outfitting their home or place of business with an attractive means of brightening the surrounding area. Available in four stylish designs, the Honeywell LED Outdoor Wall Mount Lantern Light is a premier lighting source that provides 625 lumens of light output. Releasing a steady flow of energy efficient illumination, this wall mount lantern light includes all of the necessary mounting hardware needed for seamless installation. The Honeywell 36 Foot Replaceable Filament Style LED String Light Set is another stylish addition that can be utilized in a variety of outdoor settings. These weatherproof bulbs are a natural choice for any number of areas such as patios, decks, fences and gazebos.

The Honeywell Store features these LED lighting fixtures as well as other indoor/outdoor lighting solutions. Combining the very best qualities of aesthetic design, security enhancement and cost efficiency, Honeywell LED Lighting Fixtures are a versatile addition for nearly any setting.

Security & Flood Lights
Security & Flood Lights
Honeywell security and flood lights are perfect for home or office applications. These reliable security lights offer style and convenience.
LED Light Bulbs
LED Light Bulbs
Combining the very best qualities of performance, versatility and cost efficiency, this selection of Honeywell light bulbs will effectively reduce the annual sum of your electric bill while providing topnotch performance.
LED Light Fixtures
LED Light Fixtures
Honeywell LED lights fixtures are the perfect solution for reducing your annual energy costs while improving your existing lighting output.

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