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Muck boot. Merriam-Webster defines “muck” as: 1) soft moist farmyard manure 2) slimy dirt or filth; and includes synonyms such as: crud, dirt, grime, gunk, filth, smut, soil. [1] WOW! Anyone who has worked farmed, worked with horses or other livestock, has hunted in low-lying wetlands, or loves to “play” outdoors knows firsthand exactly what “muck” is and how nasty and difficult it is to maneuver in.

The need for a more comfortable, effective boot for maneuvering in messy and tough conditions (muck) led to the design of The Original Muck Boot Company™ brand footwear. The Original Muck Boot Company™ began in 1999 with the sole purpose of building the most comfortable, high performance footwear on the market. Now offering nearly 40 styles of rubber and leather footwear, every Muck Boot tackles tough conditions in work, agriculture, lawn and garden, outdoor sporting, equine and pet care markets. Every boot in the Muck Boot delivers the same 100% waterproof quality and comfort that inspired the original footwear.

Today, the MUCK BOOT™ brand defines a standard of protection, comfort, style and quality that goes beyond the expectations of customers! The Original Muck Boot Company® is a brand of Honeywell Safety Products and is available for online purchase through the Honeywell Store, www.honeywellstore.com.

1 http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/muck, Merriam-Webster an Encyclopedia Britannica Company. Retrieved 2012-1-11.

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