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In the war against the flu, your home is a major battleground. Millions of flu particles can linger in the air and on the surfaces we touch day in and day out, from computer keyboards and TV remotes to the kitchen sink or refrigerator door handle. With flu top of mind this year, there has been increased interest by the scientific community in how the flu virus lives. When a cold strikes, running a humidifier can help relieve congestion and soothe a sore throat, and it's especially important for children since their smaller nostrils get stuffed up more easily.

Cold and flu season has arrived, and we have something new to tell you about it. A recent study of findings suggests that maintaining an indoor humidity level between 40-60% can reduce the survival of flu viruses on surfaces and in the air. We've all come to rely upon humidifiers for relief of cough and cold symptoms throughout the years, but now we know they may play an important role in reducing the survival of the flu virus on both surfaces and in the air. A humidifier will help to provide relief from coughs and congestion. Now studies suggest that they can also help reduce the number of germs on surfaces and in the air.

Humidifiers help relieve your cold and flu symptoms when you or your family are sick and also help to reduce the number of influenza germs in the world around them.

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