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Customer Reviews

Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5
Excellent Purchase! - 7/29/2021
Reviewer: 3619 NE 80th ave L
Low price and shipped quickly! Will definitely continue to buy my filters here.
Honeywell HFT600 Replacement Humidifier Filter T for HEV615 and HEV620 Humidifiers

Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5
Sturdy and easy to breathe - 7/29/2021
Reviewer: Laura F
These masks are well made made in America! and coverage is comfortably secure. I like that it is easy to breathe while wearing and don't feel like I'm suffocating. Thanks Honeywell!
Honeywell N95 Flatfold Disposable Respirators, 20 Masks - DF300N95BX

Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5
Great product! - 7/29/2021
Reviewer: John K
Very happy with these N95 masks. They fold flat, which is convenient to store them. Very comfortable to wear.
Honeywell N95 Flatfold Disposable Respirators, 20 Masks - DF300N95BX

Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5
face mask - 7/29/2021
Reviewer: Susan D
The mask fits very well. I have a small face and every other mask has gapped on the side or at the nose. It is harder to breathe through this one as I am accustomed to cloth masks but this mask provides greater protection.
Honeywell N95 Particulate Respirators, 20 Face Mask Pack - DC300N95

Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5
Long lasting, real Honeywell product - 7/29/2021
Reviewer: Lauren K
Lasts 4X as long, certified Honeywell vs Amazon complaints of counterfeit and arrived as scheduled.
Honeywell Air Filter Ultra Efficiency CF200A1016/U, 20x25x4 - Merv 12

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Honeywell Store News

Honeywell Store News

Furnace HVAC Filter Guide: How to Measure Air Filters and Understanding MERV Rating
news article date 6/28/2021Read More

Let us help you find out which furnace hvac air filter is right for you! We're here to help you measure your air filter as well as explain its MERV Rating. The Honeywell Store offers a large selection of one inch air filters that vary in size and MERV Rating. ...

Honeywell Air Coolers: Strong, Maneuverable Cooling for the Summer
news article date 6/25/2021Read More

Featuring the mobility of a fan and the strengths of portable air conditioner, Honeywell Air Coolers represent the perfect cooling hybrid. Lightweight Honeywell Air Coolers can easily be maneuvered from one location to the next and come equipped with a series of features that will allow you to customize your cooling experience....

Honeywell Thermostats: Finding the Perfect Thermostat
news article date 6/17/2021Read More

Selecting the perfect thermostat for your home can be tricky. With smart thermostats, programmable thermostats and non-programmable thermostats around, how can you tell which one is right for you? We're here to help you at the Honeywell Store! ...

Honeywell Air Purifiers: Our Top Five Air Purifiers of 2021
news article date 5/27/2021Read More

One of the easiest and most efficient ways to improve overall air quality in the home is with the installation of an air purifier. Shop our top five air purifiers currently available for purchase online at the Honeywell Store. ...

Honeywell Personal Hand Dryer: Touchless, Hands Free Drying
news article date 5/17/2021Read More

The Honeywell Personal Touchless Electric Hand Dryer is a powerful and easily maneuverable unit that will have hands dry in just a few short seconds. Position it as a Freestanding Hand Dryer or Wall Mounted Hand Dryer....

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