Common Questions About Honeywell Christmas Trees

Do Honeywell Christmas Trees come with lights?

Of course! All Honeywell Trees come with UL-listed LED lights. The number of lights depends on the size of the tree. Rest assured that your holiday tree will be shinning brilliantly with a warm glow. The LED lights can be conveniently switched on and off with the included foot pedal. Honeywell Artificial Trees also come with a tree top connector that will allow you to easily attach a top ornament without the need of an extension cord.

What are Honeywell Christmas Trees made out of?

We want you to celebrate the holidays with absolute peace of mind. That's why Honeywell Artificial Trees feature an incredibly sturdy foundation with safe branches. You won't have to worry about falling branches that are often a mess to clean up. All trees in this collection also feature high quality flame retardant materials.

Can using a Honeywell Christmas Tree save me money?

Absolutely! Artificial Christmas Trees carry the luxury of being reused every year. When the holidays have wrapped up, simply store your Christmas Tree (can be set up and taken down in moments!) and use it again next season. You'll be saving time and money with Honeywell Christmas Trees.

Are Honeywell Christmas Trees difficult to set up?

Not at all. All Honeywell Christmas Trees feature the same four step installation process. It's something that can be achieved in less than a minute (regardless of tree size). You'll want to begin by setting up the metal stand. You can now insert the electrical plug into the tree's nearest outlet. Connect each section of the tree and watch the lights immediately shine. Watch as the branches fall into place with little to no shaping.

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