Common Questions About the Honeywell Air Monitor

Is indoor air quality a problem?

Honeywell TurboForce Fans are primarily centered on accessibility and performance while delivering an altogether quiet experience (25% quieter than comparable fans). Available in personal to whole room cooling options, Honeywell TurboForce Fans feature increased flexibility with their ability to pivot in multiple directions.

Who is this device designed for?

The device is designed for everyone who values understanding their surrounding environment. The air monitor can be used to provide information on various environmental factors, allergens and pollutants, along with their effect on the someone's cognitive abilities. Whether you are a busy professional who likes to be in control of your environment, a parent with children preparing for exams or the SATs, or a manager who cares about the productivity of your top employees - the Honeywell Transmission Risk Air Monitor can help you make sense of your surroundings

Where should I install an air monitor?

Ideally the device should be placed close to where you or anyone else is. It should not be near doors, or windows as they affect the air flow around it. Placing it near an open window might give different readings as the air might not have dissipated homogeneously through the room. For the best result, we suggest using one device for 1000 to 1500 sq. ft. of air, or for one room in a house, as walls and doorways act as barriers.

Can I use this in my car?

Yes! As long as your battery is charged or as long as you have a connection for a USB cable - you can use this device in your car to understand the in-cabin air quality! Do note that for data logging you would need an internet connection so it can upload data to the app, you might use your phone as a hotspot, or the device as a standalone monitor

Can I use it outdoors in my balcony/ garden/ patio/ yard?

Yes, again, as long as you have a sufficiently charge battery and/or a socket - the device is useable outdoors. Note though, the readings outdoors will be remarkably different from those indoors.

What is a Honeywell Transmission Risk Air Monitor

The Honeywell Transmission Risk Air Monitor* is an easy-to-deploy, portable device that measures carbon dioxide and features a proprietary risk alerting system based on different activity levels within a room. This allows end users to proactively improve indoor ventilation, which according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention can help reduce the spread of certain diseases and decrease the risk of exposure among building occupants.

The air monitor comes equipped with three pre-programmed indoor activity settings: low activity (movie theaters, libraries, and classrooms), medium activity (restaurants, offices, small clinics), and high activity (gyms, indoor arenas, recreation centers) and is recommended for coverage of 800-1000 sq. ft. For each setting, the Honeywell Air Monitor provides indications using a traffic light pattern (green, yellow, or red) and a sound alarm so users can be aware of conditions that may increase the risk of airborne transmission based on detectable CO2levels

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