Honeywell Electric Bikes: What You Need To Know

The Honeywell Store offers a versatile selection of electric bikes that cater to the individual needs of beginner and advanced riders alike. The El Capitan Electric Mountain Bike is an excellent place to start as it integrates a myriad of exciting features that can be found in e bikes well beyond its listed price. Available with 9 speeds and 5 additional levels of pedal assist, you'll have plenty of options to consider as you tackle your next ride. The Honeywell El Capitan X Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike offers many of the same features, but comes equipped with tires better suited for handling a variety of terrains. Maneuverability and performance come together flawlessly with the addition of the Honeywell Dasher Foldable Electric Commuter Bike. Perfect for knocking off that on foot commute or simply exploring the city, Honeywell electric bikes can be conveniently stashed in your car's trunk when not being used.

What kind of power can I expect from a Honeywell e-bike?

An e-bike's motor will provide the necessary power needed to reach top speeds while tackling those uphill climbs. How quickly you reach that speed and how easily you conquer those climbs are dependent on the strength of your e-bike's motor. Let's use the Honeywell El Capitan Electronic Mountain Bike as our basis as it's the standard model available from the Honeywell brand. This electric bike uses a 500 watt rear hub motor. The 500w El Capitan is capable of quickly reaching a top speed of 20 miles per hour while being able to power through some steep climbs with relative ease. A 500w e-bike allows for some real flexibility as you'll have more than enough power to tackle that work commute and trek through some rough or uneven terrain.

Do Honeywell e-bikes use hub or mid drive motors? Why does it matter?

Most e-bikes use either a hub or mid drive motor. An e-bike with a hub motor will have its electric motor installed in the center of a bike's wheel. Honeywell e-bikes have elected to implement a rear hub motor in all of its models. Hub-driven e-bikes offer a bit more in the way of power than their mid drive counterparts. It's a design that will also encourage riders to spend more time on the road with minimal to no upkeep. Unlike a mid-drive motor, a hub-driven e-bike's motor is completely independent of the main pedal drive. This removes a lot of unnecessary stress from being applied to your e-bike's chain, something that mid drive motors have trouble with.

How far will a Honeywell Electric Bike's battery take me?

There are two numbers you'll want to pay close attention to when looking at an e-bike's battery. These would be the amp hours and voltage. The amp hours of an e-bike can be likened to a gas tank of sorts. A higher number will translate to more time spent on your e-bike without recharging. The El Capitan uses a Panasonic Lithium-Ion Battery with a 9.6 Ah rating. On a single charge, this e-bike is capable of delivering 40 miles of uninterrupted power. Then there's the voltage. This will tie directly into how fast your e-bike can accelerate in reaching its top speed (think horsepower).

What is the assembly like for a Honeywell e-bike?

All three models of Honeywell electric bikes will arrive at least 90% preassembled. You'll only be required to assemble the front wheel, install the handlebars, insert the pedals, complete a safety inspection and fully charge the battery. All Honeywell e-bikes come with a manual that will detail each step and have you on the road in no time at all.

What's the shipping cost for Honeywell Electric Bikes?

All Honeywell Electric Bikes are available with free shipping.

e bike free shipping

What are some other factors I should be considering when looking at a Honeywell e-bike?

We've talked a lot about motors and batteries, but what about the rest of the bike? Well, there's a lot to like. The El Capitan comes with 5 pedal assist levels to go along with its Shimano 9 speed gear. This opens a wealth of options to explore when increasing or decreasing the challenge of your next ride. The amount of energy running in the e-bike's battery will also always be present via a waterproof LCD smart pedal display. Speaking of the battery, it's been sleekly implemented into the bicycle's design.

The results are a polished aesthetic that really commands attention for all of the correct reasons. It's something that can be seen in the Honeywell brand's entire selection of e-bikes. We've only talked about the El Capitan, but there are two other entries in this debut series. The El Capitan X is the fat tire version of the El Capitan. A fat tire e-bike will have a smoother time going through rougher terrain. Then there's the Dasher Foldable e-bike. This is the perfect electric bike for zipping around town. It's a lightweight e-bike that can stashed in the trunk of a car or stored in an office.

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