Customer Reviews For The Honeywell HDC-200PDQ Demineralization Cartridge for HUT-200 Humidifier

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December 11, 2017
Verified Purchase

I got what I ordered and delivery was fast

joanna mauer
February 22, 2017
Verified Purchase

Excellent customer service, prompt delivery.

Gerald Gold
November 28, 2016
Verified Purchase

Product attaches snugly and is better than drop in tablets.

Gayla Scott
June 10, 2016
Verified Purchase
B A M !!

Easy to order. Speedy delivery. Perfect transaction all around. B A M !!!

Debra Woods
April 19, 2016
Verified Purchase

Easy to buy, price was good and delivered right to my door.

Chad Sample
February 23, 2016
Verified Purchase
Perfect Fit!

The demineralization cartridge fit my unit perfectly and was a flawless replacement to an aging cartridge. Best part was that it wasn't very expensive to replace and it came with 2 cartridges so I can replace it when it goes bad in the future.

Cynthia LePage Sauppee
February 16, 2016
Verified Purchase
Just what I was looking for

Found just was I was looking for, order placement easy and delivery was quick.

Christy Bishop
January 26, 2016
Verified Purchase
Great Product

Exactly as ordered. Pleased with my purchase.

Frank Capic
March 3, 2015
Verified Purchase
Convienant to buy online

A convenient item to buy online and ship, without having to search in stores. This helps greatly in the maintenance of the humidifiers purchased. Smart buy!

cary bader
January 16, 2015
Verified Purchase

it works.

James F
June 17, 2014
Verified Purchase

The cartridge arrived on time and in great condition. I havent used this once yet, but the last one lasted 2 seasons.

Lucy Loraine
June 2, 2014
Verified Purchase

This cartridge replacement made a huge difference. We really need this humidifier running all the time because here in western Colorado it is extremely dry. We love our humidifier and are lost without it because I get lots of nose bleeds when it is too dry and our humidifier helps solve that problem. Would recommend our humidifier to everyone

David Drazul
January 14, 2014
Verified Purchase
Things are better now but not good as new

Purchasing and shipping were fine. My humidifier declined in performance, only working for a couple of minutes before sputtering out. The pump seemed to be working as I felt a breeze coming from it. I repeatedly cleaned the unit but that didnt work. On a whim I decided to try replacing the demineralization cartridge. It hasnt completely fixed the problem it still shuts off. But things have improved from 20-60 minutes of performance at first up to 1 to 8 hours. Im still considering what else I can do so that I dont have to just throw the unit away.

I would recommend trying to contact the manufacturer's tech support at 1-800-477-0457. They should be able to assist you in diagnosing the problem.
anthony Valdez
July 11, 2013
Verified Purchase

I have not received my items as of this date and cannot comment on these products as of yet

We're sorry for the delay. There is an error with your address which caused your package to be returned to sender. If you could give us a call at 847-701-3038 we can get this corrected.

This Honeywell Demineralization Cartridge Q is best utilized with the Honeywell HUT-200 Cool Humidifier. These particular filters can go a very long way in keeping your humidifier free of mineral deposits. They will also effectively prevent white dust from accumulating and interfering with your machine of choice. It is recommended that you replace your demineralization cartridge every 20-30 fillings for the very best results. Each package comes with 2 cartridge Q humidifier filters. Establish an unrivaled breathing experience for you and your loved ones with Honeywell and their second to none series of Filters.

The Honeywell Demineralization Cartridge is made specifically for use with the Honeywell Easy-To-Care Cool Mist Ultrasonic HUT-200 and HUT-200 Series Humidifiers. This cartridge lasts up to 30 fillings and helps prevent 'white dust' caused by hard water. The package comes with 2 cartridges.

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