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Susan J
February 16, 2024
Verified Purchase
humidifier filter

It is so much easier ordering directly from Honeywell than to go rummaging through filter choices at a store.

Thomas H
February 13, 2024
Verified Purchase
Great support

I have a Honeywell HCM-350 Cool Mist Humidifier that is still going strong after 10years of use. Very happy with it and it keeps my bedroom cool and allows me to get a comfortable night's sleep. So, I’m very pleased to be able to easily purchase the right replacements filters for it.

James E
February 6, 2024
Verified Purchase
Wicking filter review

Wicking filter review these oem replacement wicking filter work great and last long. 2 normally get me through the winter in continous use. Adding humidity to upstairs air. Thanks

Stephanie P
February 5, 2024
Verified Purchase
Best HAC-504 Series Humidifier Replacement Wicking Filters

I love that Honeywell offers the HAC-504 Series Humidifier Replacement Wicking Filters A in a 3 pack! The filters are so well made and really get the job done! I will only buy genuine Honeywell filters!

David K
January 30, 2024
Verified Purchase
Keeps on Working

My Honeywell humidifier keeps working and these replacement filters fit and work fine. I've never had a problem with as long as I clean the humidifier and change the filter every so often.

Glenda P
January 18, 2024
Verified Purchase

Excellent products, good service, and prompt shipping. Thank you for your professionalism.

Michael E
December 21, 2023
Verified Purchase
Humidifier filter

The Honeywell humidifier and filter are excellent products. The filter is easy to place in the humidifier and easy to clean.

Stacy D
December 18, 2023
Verified Purchase
A perfect fit

These work great in our Honeywell humidifiers. We run 3 in the winter. One in each bedroom. I love that they function by evaporation and not the ultra fine mist. The ultra fine mist left a white film on all our furniture. We switched to evaporative and are very happy.

Joyce S
December 12, 2023
Verified Purchase
Humidifier filters

As always I find your filters great but I wonder whether they are now being made a little thinner.

Stephanie P
November 26, 2023
Verified Purchase
Best Filters

I have used these filters in the past, with other Honeywell Humidifiers that I have had in the past. I am never disappointed. They are well made and they get the job done.

Steve H
October 30, 2023
Verified Purchase
Good as ever

I have been ordering these filters directly from Honeywell for some time now - and couldn't be happier with the price and the speed of delivery.

Ying M
October 25, 2023
Verified Purchase
Honeywell HAC-504 Series Humidifier Replacement Wicking Filter A - 3 Pack

The Honeywell HAC-504 Series Humidifier Replacement Wicking Filter A - 3 Pack works good.

Allyson F
October 5, 2023
Verified Purchase
Best filter I've tried

I've tried several cheap filters from other retailers (Amazon), but they get crusty and moldy within a week or two of use. The Honeywell filter may be more expensive, but it lasts longer. I use it in conjunction with a bacteriostat in the water to try and help lengthen the life of the filter.

Steve H
July 19, 2023
Verified Purchase
They Work

I love my Honeywell humidifier. I really like the UV light function and the filter. Buying them direct from Honeywell ensures that the filter meets the manufacturers specs. Plus the price is right.

Les R
July 7, 2023
Verified Purchase
Excellent filters

I bought the 3 pack because it is the best deal. These filters work great in my humidifier.

Thomas H
June 27, 2023
Verified Purchase

Very quick,easy and convenient to reorder these replacement filters for my Honeywell Humidifier. No more pounding the pavement searching for filters. just a few clicks and with fast delivery, you'll be all set.

Ada Lori B
June 13, 2023
Verified Purchase
3 pack of vaporizer filters

Word well bargain with pack of 3!

Craig K
April 12, 2023
Verified Purchase
Product Review

I had tried filters that were not made by Honeywell, and their quality was not as good.

Joyce S
March 24, 2023
Verified Purchase

I am still using the HAC-504 humidifier filter and am very pleased with it.

Dale O
March 7, 2023
Verified Purchase

Like the blue pre-filter and prompt delivery.

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