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Todd P.
March 1, 2022

I was surprised by how lightweight this bike is. Had an Aventon that broke on me and needed a replacement. This bike's cheaper and does everything I need it to do. Wish I had found it sooner

How far can I go on the ebike on a full charge?
Your e-bikes can travel up to 40 miles on a single full charge of the battery. However, the range may vary depending on elevation, speed, assistance level, rider weight, headwind and ambient temperature, tire type and pressure, road condition etc.
What type of throttle is used on the ebike?
Your electric bike is equipped with a thumb throttle, and the throttle can be activated from a complete stop.
Can I use the throttle the entire ride?
Yes, you can use the throttle the entire ride but it will impact how long the battery will last. Throttle powered only usually gets you 20-30 miles on a full charge.
Is the battery removable?
The battery is removable so you can easily charge it on or off the bike.
How long does it take to charge the battery?
A full charge usually takes approximately 4-5 hours.
How long does the ebike battery last?
Battery typically lasts 5 years until start losing some of its efficiency, however it also depends on how much you use the bike and the way you take care of your battery. A battery can still deliver at least 80% of the original capacity after 800 charges. Please learn more about battery charging, care and storage from the bike's user manual.
How fast can this e-bike go?
Your e-bike can assist you up 20MPH (32 km/h) with throttle or pedal assistance. Honeywell bikes are considered Class 2 electric bikes.

Forged in lightweight, durable magnesium, the frame of this foldable electric bike gives you the consistent performance you need from a cycle without compromising convenience and portability. The patented Swing Arm folding design avoids the wear and tear of bi-fold travel bike imitators, offering superior strength over time. The battery is built into the frame. This allows for a cleaner, more compelling silhouette. The Dasher Electric Bike makes for an excellent companion for exploring the city, or for easing the usual on-foot commute to work. You'll love how smooth it rides and how easily it travels: simply fold and tuck it into the trunk of a car for more distant trips.

The open road will always have plenty of room available for riders. The same cannot always be said about your storage and cargo situation. Honeywell Foldable E-bikes deliver the same quality performance as their solid-frame counterparts, all with a unique swing-arm folding design that allows them to fit virtually anywhere. Foldable electric bikes are perfect for e-bike riders incorporating small-space living into a go-big lifestyle.

honeywell foldable electric bicycle feature 1
Durable Magnesium Frame

Lighter and stronger than aluminum, includes a removable built-in frame battery for storing and converting physical pedal energy while pedaling.

honeywell foldable electric bicycle feature 2
Dependable Braking System

Crafted with sturdy, responsive 160mm Mechanical disc brakes, you can ride with complete peace of mind, even on a crowded city street.

honeywell foldable electric bicycle feature 3
Dual-Suspension Design

With suspension built into both the front and rear of the bike frame, the Dasher offers a smooth ride across all terrain types.

honeywell foldable electric bicycle feature 4
High-Tech Backlit Display

The waterproof backlit LCD handlebar display instantly shows remaining charge, speedometer, odometer, pedal assist level, and more.

honeywell foldable electric bicycle feature 5
Easy-Fold Frame

The Dasher incorporates a "swing arm" design that's durable and resists wear and tear over time, folding in seconds for easy transport.

honeywell foldable electric bicycle feature 6
Visibility and Storage

The Dasher is equipped with a roomy rear rack for securing cargo, as well as rear lighted brake and turn signal for safe riding.

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