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September 9, 2022
Loving it so far, well built

This is a well built bike, frame to wheels. Only had it for a day but time will tell as to how the rest performs. Wish the instructions were a bit more details as it looks like it was translated from Google Translate. I know on the display there is a km/h display LED but how does one change it to km/h as we are in Canada.

August 8, 2022
So far so good!!!

Just got my El Capitan.... pretty excited!! Assembly was very easy and bike looks and feels AMAZING!!!! Just plugged in to charge for first 8 hours... if it works as good as it looks going to great!!! Will update if opinion changes

July 9, 2022
El Capitan - Great Bike

We just bought two of these bikes. So far very impressed. Easy to put together, good looking bike and fun to ride. I am 6 and my wife is 5 4 and the bike size seems great for both of us. Did our first 20km ride yesterday. Seat is comfortable, love the Power Assist and the Throttle Feature. We rented a couple of higher end ebikes previously and like the Honeywell better! I had a couple of questions while putting bike together and emailed the support line on a weekend. Responses back in 10 minutes. Fantastic. One comment regarding the handlebars. There are 4 screws provided which we found difficult to get all 4 firmly attached as they were just barely long enough to catch. I ended up buying some metric bolts M5 .80 x 25 and they worked perfectly. That would be my one suggestion to Honeywell to revisit the bolt length. Battery life is perfect for what we need as a couple but I hope that Honeywell will offer a 700W in the future for some of my longer trips in the mountains.

May 2, 2022
Awesome Bike!

Impressive styling & engineering. Added a 450mm seat post & 110mm x 60° stem to fit my 63 frame. Doesn't look like an ebike + the light weight is a bonus. Very well put together w/decent components...assembly took 20 minutes. 1x9 drivetrain is ideal...I'd like to see hydraulic brakes. Can't beat El Capitan for the price...nicely done Honeywell!

Ben Klop
January 21, 2022
Sweet ride

Have never heard of Honeywell making electric bikes until recently. Everything came exactly as I imagined. I'm getting pretty good mileage from the battery. I really dig the way it looks too. A lot of e bikes don't pass the eye test in looks. This thing just looks and feels sharp. I'm enjoying it so far. Might get a dasher for my wife who walks to work

How far can I go on the ebike on a full charge?
Your e-bikes can travel up to 40 miles on a single full charge of the battery. However, the range may vary depending on elevation, speed, assistance level, rider weight, headwind and ambient temperature, tire type and pressure, road condition etc.
What type of throttle is used on the ebike?
Your electric bike is equipped with a thumb throttle, and the throttle can be activated from a complete stop.
Can I use the throttle the entire ride?
Yes, you can use the throttle the entire ride but it will impact how long the battery will last. Throttle powered only usually gets you 20-30 miles on a full charge.
Is the battery removable?
The battery is removable so you can easily charge it on or off the bike.
How long does it take to charge the battery?
A full charge usually takes approximately 4-5 hours.
How long does the ebike battery last?
Battery typically lasts 5 years until start losing some of its efficiency, however it also depends on how much you use the bike and the way you take care of your battery. A battery can still deliver at least 80% of the original capacity after 800 charges. Please learn more about battery charging, care and storage from the bike's user manual.
How fast can this e-bike go?
Your e-bike can assist you up 20MPH (32 km/h) with throttle or pedal assistance. Honeywell bikes are considered Class 2 electric bikes.

The ideal mix of high-end design and affordability in electric mountain bikes, the El Capitan features many of the exciting benefits of its upscale wheeled siblings for cost-conscious riders. Packing a removable high-capacity frame integrated battery and a powerful 500W motor, this electric mountain bike gives you the power you need to tackle a longer ride. The motor also makes those challenging uphill rides a breeze. With five available levels of pedal assist up to and including 100% powered, you can customize your effort level to balance athletic effort and smooth, enjoyable cruising in the great outdoors.

The trail may be tough, but Honeywell Mountain E-Bikes are tougher. Built to excel in nature no matter how challenging the terrain, these electric mountain bicycles make every path a pleasure. You’ll love the durable construction, the versatile design, and the way these mountain e-bikes make the forest your new favorite highway.

honeywell e-bike feature 1
Shimano 9 Speed Drivetrain

The built-in 9 speed gear offers the torque you need to tackle uphill climbs and maintain top speed pedal authority without breaking a sweat.

honeywell e-bike feature 2
100 mm Shimano Disc Brakes

Crafted with sturdy, responsive 180mm mechanical disc brakes, you can ride with complete peace of mind, even on steep or winding trails.

honeywell e-bike feature 3
Powerful 500W Geared Hub Motor

The 500W geared hub motor gives you the power to make your smooth, enjoyable ride even better with the flick of a switch: ideal for the return trip after a long ride.

honeywell e-bike feature 4
High Capacity Integrated Panasonic Battery

The frame integrated 48V 9.6Ah Panasonic battery offers superior performance and longevity, along with a removable design for easy charging.

honeywell e-bike feature 5
High Performance Suspension

The front suspension fork is designed with 100mm of travel, keeping a bumpy road from disrupting your ride. The upgraded thru-axle also delivers enhanced steering control for a smoother overall ride.

honeywell e-bike feature 6
High-Tech LCD Smart Display

The waterproof backlit LCD smart pedal display instantly displays remaining charge, speedometer, odometer, assist level, and more.

honeywell e-bike feature 7
Sleek & Comfortable Seat

While this sporty electric mountain bike seat may have been built for performance, it's also comfortable on longer rides.

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