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  • Three stage Filteration comes with 65% Ashrae PreFilter.
  • CFM : HIGH: 1775 MED: 1700 LOW: 1500.
  • 2nd stage Filter options: 95% DOP, 95% Ashrae or 2 CPZ Modules(40lbs).
  • Third stage : 2 CPZ Modules(40lbs).
  • Thermal circuit breaker, can be positioned to create negative or positive air pressure.

The F116A1120 is a Honeywell three-stage ducted or stand alone air cleaner. It delivers powerful air cleaning for commercial and light industrial environments. These modular air cleaners operate separate from the HVAC system. Using separate ductwork helps isolate airborne particles and odors so they can be captured, and may even be used to create an "air curtain", an invisible barrier of positive or negative air pressure that controls the flow of indoor air pollutants. The expense of additional ductwork is offset by the reduced amount of outdoor air that needs to be imported, and the cost of conditioning that outdoor air may require.

Air flowing through these units undergoes three stages of cleaning depending upon the filters used. The first stage is a prefilter rated 30-40% ASHRAE dust spot efficiency. This prefilter captures large particles, and is disposable.

The second stage of cleaning can include one of the following: a 95% ASHRAE filter, a 95% DOP filter or a set of 40 plus pounds of CPZ filters. The third stage includes a set of CPZ filters. CPZ filters are specifically formulated for maximum efficiency at reducing a broad range of gasses, odors, and VOCs. All filters are sold separately.

Essentially, you can custom configure a unit to reduce levels of particles and gases that cause the problem. Working together, these air cleaning modules can capture most indoor air pollutants.

Maintenance takes just minutes with no tools. All units allow easy access to the replaceable media. All feature a 1-hp, forward-curve, direct drive blower motor that moves close to 1800 CFM of air passing through the filter components depending upon configuration. These units are simple to install, operate, and maintain and are backed by a two-year limited warranty.

What is a VOC Reducing CPZ Filter/Canister?
VOCs or Volatile Organic Compounds are gases created by the use of Chemical solvents and other compound used in enclosed spaces, often associated with unpleasant Odors. VOC Reducing CPZ Filters are specially made to reduce a broad range of gases, odors, and VOCs that are part of doing everyday business. Honeywell offers a variety of VOC Reducing CPZ Filters to choose from to keep your employees, and customers breathing the finest Indoor Air Quality.
What is DOP Media & How Does It Effect Air Filtration Through My Honeywell Air Filter?
Dispersed Oil Particulate Media, or DOP media, is a type of filter that has been evaluated through a DOP test. The tests check the integrity of a filter using DOP solutions in their operational conditions. DOP Media is proven to be effective in the elimination of 0.3 micron air borne particles that pass through the filter such as pollen, cat dander, dust, tobacco smoke, and mold spores.. This effectiveness is near HEPA levels, while offering maximum output with minimal resistance.

What is ASHRAE Media (American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Condition Engineers)?
The American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air condition Engineers, or ASHRAE, is a global society advancing human well being through sustainable technology for the built environment. Consisting of more than 50,000 members worldwide, they focus on building systems, energy efficiency, indoor air quality, refrigeration, and sustainability. They have defined Indoor Air Quality as Air in which there are no known contaminants at harmful concentrations and with which a substantial majority of the people exposed do not express dissatisfaction" An ASHRAE Media filter has ratings based on their own testing, and Honeywell sells multiple ASHRAE filters to choose from.
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