Honeywell F111 Media Air Cleaners

The Honeywell F111 Series (1, 2, 3) of Ceiling Media Air Cleaners use either a single-speed or three-speed direct drive forward curve blower motor with particle filter. When equipped with CPZ modules (2), gases and odors are adsorbed from the air passing through the unit. The air cleaner removes airborne particles such as dust, soot, mold spores, pollen and some cooking smoke from the air circulated through the filter.

Honeywell F114 and F115 Media Air Cleaners

The Honeywell F114 and F115 Series of Ceiling Surface Mounted Media Air Cleaners use direct-drive, forward curve, blower/motors with 95% D.O.P. particle or HEPA filters to remove airborne contaminants. These Honeywell Media Air Cleaners are designed for use in restaurants, conference rooms, lounges and offices where overhead air cleaning is required. The media air cleaners provide their own air circulation, so they can be used in any situation that requires the reduction of contamination from an enclosed area

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