Honeywell UV Water Cooler Dispensers

Having access to drinking water in the home or office can be invaluable. Honeywell Water Dispensers (available in top load and bottom load models) offer soothing relief that's easily accessible via the push of a single button. The Honeywell UV Water Dispenser implements the same single push button design with the added feature of implementing an LED UV light. It's a feature that's capable of eliminating microorganisms from entering your drinking water. Sleek in its appearance and relatively lightweight, the Honeywell UV Water Dispenser makes for an excellent candidate to be set up in homes and offices. Your answer for an easily accessible source of refreshing and clean water is available for online purchase at the Honeywell Store.

Honeywell Tri-Temperature Water Cooler Dispensers

If you're in search of a top load water cooler that's easy to setup and refill, you'll be thrilled to know that there's a selection of Honeywell Tri-Temperature Water Coolers available. Forgoing a storage compartment, a top load water cooler provides an easy way to identify how much water is left before refilling. Honeywell Top Load Water Dispensers weigh less than the aforementioned UV water cooler, making them a little more versatile when it comes to maneuvering. They're also smaller in height, allowing for even more installation options when setting up a compact water cooler. Both styles of Honeywell Water Coolers are Energy Star Certified and BPA-Free.

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