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Honeywell Personal Protective Gear represents the standard for excellence when it comes to securing the maximum in peace of mind. Professional Grade Coveralls comprised by the Honeywell brand merge a unique combination of non-woven fabrics that surpass the many requirements needed for CE Type 5 and CE Type 6 protection. Featuring a diverse set of resistance properties, Honeywell Professional Grade Coveralls are an ideal candidate for any number of applications that require maximum safety measures. Honeywell Fall Protection Kits are available in a variety of options that will allow owners to select their preferred means of securing themselves. An increasingly accessible and safe means of protecting wearers, fall protection kits are suitable for a variety of roofing applications. The Honeywell Store offers reusable and disposable respirators that seamlessly blend world class comfort and reliability to keep workers safe and productive. Honeywell Respirators incorporate new low-profile cartridges that allow for an increased field of vision.

Wherever there is a potential for falling objects, flying objects, impacts or bumps, the Honeywell brand has a hard hat to satisfy any number of safety requirements. Combining the best aspects of comfort and reliability, Honeywell Hard Hats provide dependable head protection. The Honeywell Store offers an excellent range of Honeywell Eye Protection that can be utilized in any number of indoor or outdoor settings. Honeywell Safety Eyewear is an ideal fit for workers that are employed in extreme environments. Engineered for maximum comfort and defense, Honeywell Safety Goggles offer superior vision protection. Research suggests that half of all industrial workers experience progressive and long term hearing loss as a consequence of ill-fitting earplugs that offer minimal hearing protection. The Honeywell Store offers a variety of earmuffs, earbuds and earplugs that offer optimal levels of hearing protection.

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