Portable Generators, Standby Generators, RTS Transfer Switches, Maintenance Kits

Secure an additional means of backup power via a Honeywell Generator. The Honeywell Store's selection of Honeywell Portable Generators and Honeywell Home Standby Generators can be implemented in any number of settings. Whether it's having a backup plan for an unannounced outage or having access to an additional source of transferable power, Honeywell Portable Generators and Standby Generators offer immediate peace of mind in the face of potential disaster. The Honeywell Store also includes a selection of Honeywell RTS Transfer Switches and Maintenance Kits. Honeywell RTS Transfer Switches offer a safe and convenient passage for generators to reach a home's electrical circuits. Honeywell Maintenance Kits have also been added and contain all of the necessary equipment needed to keep generators operating at their highest level.

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