Engineered for maximum comfort and defense, Honeywell Safety Eyewear offers superior vision protection. Honeywell Safety Eyewear is an invaluable asset in shielding eyes from the many hazards presented in the workplace. Research suggests that half of all industrial workers experience progressive and long term hearing loss as a consequence of ill-fitting earplugs that offer minimal hearing protection. The Honeywell Store offers Hearing Protection in the form of earmuffs, earbuds and earplugs that provide optimal levels of hearing protection. Combining the best aspects of comfort and reliability, Honeywell Hard Hats provide dependable head protection. Honeywell Fall Protection Kits eliminate the hassle of selecting the correct tools needed to ensure maximum safety by including all of the necessary components needed for fall protection safety. Honeywell Professional Grade Coveralls merge a unique combination of non-woven fabrics that surpass the many requirements needed for CE Type 5 and CE Type 6 protection. The Honeywell Store also offers Reusable and Disposable Respirators that seamlessly blend world class comfort and reliability to keep workers safe and productive.

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