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  • REDUCES EYE FATIGUE: Helps reduce eye fatigue, cataracts and other forms of macular degeneration that can occur during extended viewing of electronic devices, especially when viewing in a dark environment
  • AIDS IN BETTER SLEEP: Spectrum Control Technology (SCT) Orange Lens absorbs 99.8% of blue light, allowing the body to create more melatonin and help maintain the body's natural circadian rhythms, resulting in a better night's sleep
  • IMPROVES FOCUS: SCT Orange Lens allows the wearer to see additional screen contrast with sharpened detail that allows for longer term screen-viewing and improved focus
  • OVER-THE-GLASSES (OTG) DESIGN: Fits easily over most prescription eyewear
  • COMFORTABLE FIT: Adjustable lens inclination and temple length for a comfortable, customized fit

Highly rated for its unmatched ability to block blue light, Uvex eyewear is now available in a new design to fit over most prescription eyewear. The Uvex ASTRO Over-The-Glass (OTG) Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses block blue light wavelengths that illuminate from electronics such as laptops, computers, tablets, smart phones, gaming consoles and other sources. Artificial blue lighting disrupts your biological clock by suppressing melatonin production and, ultimately, impacting your sleep cycle. Wearing Uvex ASTRO Over-The-Glasses (OTG) Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses allows the body to create more melatonin, resulting in a better night's sleep. The darker orange lens uses proprietary Uvex Spectrum Control Technology (SCT) that absorbs 99.8% of blue light wavelengths, as well as violet and green wavelengths. Clear “blue blocking lenses" block only 5-10% of blue light, making them much less effective. In addition, Uvex ASTRO Over-The-Glasses (OTG) Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses offer exceptional comfort. A 3-position lens inclination system result in optimal screen viewing at different heights and positions. This helps prevent neck strain while working sitting, standing or stretched out. The over-the-glasses design fits easily over most prescription eyewear. Its lightweight uni-lens offers panoramic vision and protection from flying particulates. The lens also features Ultra-dura hard coat - one of the toughest anti-scratch coatings in the world. Meets ANSI Z87.1 and is tested by Honeywell to meet the requirements of the CSA Z94.3 standards. Made in the USA.

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