Customer Reviews For The Honeywell 36 Foot Filament Style Amber LED String Light Set

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May 23, 2021
Truly a die hard outdoor product

I bought 2 of these bad boys to light up and decore my front yard and driveway. We used some heavy duty steel cable to securely anchor them to the house. Just 3 nights after we installed them, the most insane and destructive storm in over 40 years hit the city. News said the wind speed had peaks of 200 km/h. Hundreds of trees were pulled out of the ground, dozens of light posts and roofs flew several meters from their original place, stores and businesses had all their windows smashed and turned into tiny bits of glass, power was out for over 5 days in some areas and there was no water for the same time. But these lights? No. Both of the strings and their 36 lightbulbs were happily hanging in the exact same spot the morning after the disaster. I thought to myself: “At least I don’t to pick up the pieces of the lights, but I seriously doubt they still work after all the shaking and flying around”. Boy was I wrong... Once the power was back, the lights were working perfectly. If you’re concerned they might not be tough enough, trust me, they ARE. You’ll need an F3 tornado to get rid of them.

June 18, 2018

These lights are great! We have a large deck and used two strings to hang from the ceiling around the deck and WOW do they look great!

J Jutzy
July 13, 2017
Love these lights!

I received a box of these lights as a gift. Each bulb comes individually wrapped in a special plastic bag to keep the light from becoming damaged in shipping. Once you pull the plastic off all of the bulbs, simply string them up and plug them in. We did not have any sort of light in our back yard. These lights solved that problem, and they look great doing it!

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