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Jeff Sayre
May 24, 2024
Sync Am/Fm headphone

Love these headphones. Noise canceling is just the ticket for yard work with power tools. I've been wearing over ear sound devices since college. A professor told us the sound is better and easier on you ears. Today the ear buds can not eliminate all extra noise. That being said, I wish these did not ride so close to my physical ear. After 30.minute my ear hurts. More pillow separation from physical ear to speaker pad would help. They fit tight. Having them expand to fit on both sides would be nice too. Everyone's ears are in different spots on their heads. Both on the sides...but? Thanks. More comfortable fit is my idea here. Around the ear with less pressing on the ear. Mine are probably just big!

December 24, 2020
Verified Purchase
Very pleased

Very good reception, plenty loud enough to hear when running the backhoe ! Very happy with my purchase!

Robert LeFebve
August 17, 2020
Verified Purchase
Radio headphones

Great product to listen to favorite stations when working outside.

July 30, 2020

My husband bought me a pair of these for weedwacking, lawnmowing, snow blowing etc five years ago. They are still going strong and I have only had to change batteries once a year. Will definitely buy them again.

Janet Heath
July 27, 2020
Verified Purchase

Husband loves headphone, thanks for getting it to us so quickly.

July 1, 2020
Verified Purchase
Good But With A Couple Of Problems

Has excellent FM radio reception. They are as comfortable as one could expect for an industrial ear muff. When the cushioning over the ears eventually flattens out be sure to replace with new pads. My two complaints: * The setting window will fog over with condensation from within, especially on humid days. * It goes through batteries quickly. I suggest, for the sake of economy and convenience, getting rechargeable AA batteries for it.

Stereo Sound & Hearing Protection

The Honeywell Digital AM/FM Radio Hearing Protector (Earmuffs) includes an AUX input jack that's capable of connecting to any MP3 player, mobile phone or other personal listening device. Honeywell has added the Honeywell Sync that features just the AUX input jack and is available for a lower price than Sync Radio. Both the Sync and Sync Radio include Honeywell's patented technology that features Volume Management Technology, Air Flow Technology and a patented acoustical bass chamber. In addition, these protectors offer one of the highest Noise Reduction Ratings (NRR 25) that's available in an electronic earmuff. Sync and Sync Radio have already been extremely well received by major publications, bloggers, online reviewers and high-end audio equipment magazines.

Easy Device Connection

Sync Stereo Earmuff includes a 3.5 mm AUX input jack and cable to easily connect your MP3 player, smart phone or other personal listening device.

Superior Stereo Sound

The Sync Stereo Earmuff a features a technologically advanced acoustical bass chamber that delivers enhanced bass sounds typically absent in stereo earmuffs.

Hearing Safety

Patented Air Flow Control technology reduces sound across all frequencies for a Noise Reduction Rating of 25. Workers can listen to and enjoy music without compromising their hearing protection.

Workplace Safety

There are no knobs, dials or switches on this safety earmuff, and no batteries to replace. This eliminates the need to make adjustments while working.

Padded For Comfort

A comfortable fit promotes proper usage and safety. The Sync Stereo Earmuff features a padded headband and lightweight, padded earcups for longwearing comfort on the job.

Tough & Durable

The workplace can be tough on safety gear, so the fork slides on this earmuff have been reinforced for added durability, and to accommodate multiple head sizes.

Easy Maintenance

Soiled or damaged ear cushions should be swapped out ASAP to promote proper safety and hygiene. The snap-in/out feature of this Sync model allows for easy maintenance and replacement.

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