Customer Reviews For The Resideo RCHW3610WF Wi-Fi Water Leak and Freeze Detector

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James S
February 20, 2022
Verified Purchase
Easy set up

Easy set up and easy to install.

Rafael M
February 7, 2022
Verified Purchase

I'm very happy with it.

William C
September 13, 2021
Verified Purchase
Works as expected

Works as advertised. Will mounting on wall and running under a new Jacuzzi bathtub to monitor for any future leaks.

August 18, 2021
Verified Purchase
Common Sense

Taking care of multiple properties that have already had multiple water issues this is just common sense. Now we will know within minutes instead of days. We are betting on cost of damages to drop drastically. Wish I had known about these sooner.

Paul D
July 13, 2021
Verified Purchase
A Property Saver

We've had a Honeywell leak detector for a couple of years, and it has helped us prevent water damage by catching leaks in the mechanical room a couple of times. I just purchased this second unit after missing a leaking fitting in the laundry room. It is a good device to provide piece of mind against water damage.

June 21, 2021
Every home needs one

We've had this device for years and it has saved us a couple of times when our pump got clogged. We HIGHLY recommend.

James E. Schwing
January 13, 2021
Verified Purchase
Great Product

The leak detector is easy to install and set up.

Joseph Lucas
November 26, 2020
Verified Purchase
Nice Product

It was as advertised - easy to install providing peace of mind while at home or away.

Rebecca Garay
June 17, 2020
Verified Purchase
Wi-Fi water leak and freeze Detector

Worry no more. This device has taken worry off my shoulder. We have had problems with water in our utility room several time over the years and didn't find it until we had damage to replace carpet. With this detector I get a message when water is sensed. The Freeze Detector will help this winter.

Kathleen Dunne
October 30, 2019
Verified Purchase

Works great

Jason Albers
February 4, 2019
Verified Purchase

Love it!!!!

Leesa B
January 10, 2019
Verified Purchase
Water Leak Detector

I am thrilled my HVAC repairman told me about this device after our furnace humidifier leaked in our basement. I don't go into my basement often, so this gives me peace of mind to prevent a disaster from happening. Luckily, I was home and caught the last water mess before it turned into a catastrophe! I can go away and know this will alert me day or night on my phone. The set-up was very easy for me and directions were simple to understand. I plan to order another one for our vacation home, as I'm very impressed with this technology.

Chester Paschke
January 4, 2019
Verified Purchase
Great sense of security!

Although we use several battery type water leak sensors in our home, having sensors with phone app notifications, in this case water and heat offers a great sense of security coupled with reducing a major water or freeze in our area loss. Love the devices.

December 8, 2018
Saved my Ceiling

Installed this with my water heater that, for some cheap stupid reason, is installed in the attic. Last Friday, I got the dreaded water leak alert. After driving home like a maniac, I found a small leak in the pan. Yes, I needed to have the water heater replaced, but when I think of what could have happened water coming through the ceiling, I am very happy I invested in this product. THANK YOU!

Frank Davis
October 9, 2018
Verified Purchase
Simple and effective

The directions were great. Hooked the device up and it is working properly. Great Value and great integration with the Honeywell app. Should make the temp reading real time though.

Steve Scherer
September 18, 2018
Verified Purchase
Peace of Mind From Home Leaks and Freezing

I know have one of the at two different homes located 1000 miles apart. The Lyric allows me to monitor the temperature and humidity at each location with the added benefit of detecting a water leak. All of the data is easily observed on a smart phone. Installation is as easy as inserting two AA batteries and then connecting to your wifi. this was the hardest part as it took 3 tries with each device to connect to wifi. Operation and data collection has been flawless. I would highly recommend the Lyric...especially if you are away from home a lot.

Ravi Krishnawami
July 30, 2018
Verified Purchase

Very Good Product!

Scott Stilson
April 3, 2018
Verified Purchase

The sensor was very easy to install and connect to the my home network.

Andy Broughton
February 27, 2018
Verified Purchase
Home Owner

Had some problems getting it hooked up to Wi Fi so I called customer service. They answered right away and took care of the problem. Was very happy.

Isaac Schlesinger
January 29, 2018
Verified Purchase

Effective. Sent me message 2 days after installation with alert that our humidity was low.

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