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Honeywell Mini Split Air Conditioner Intended for 900-1,200 Sq. Ft.

The installation of a Honeywell Mini Split Air Conditioner offers extreme versatility as it’s able to handle heating, cooling and dehumidifying assignments. Multi seasonal air conditioners are capable of providing comforting heat in the winter months while introducing a steady stream of cool and refreshing air in the summer. The heating and cooling features are further enhanced with a built-in fan that can help circulate the surrounding air and a dehumidifier to remove excess moisture. The collection of these features pushes Honeywell Multi Seasonal Air Conditioners as 4-in-1 units that can comfortably be deployed all year round.

All Honeywell Mini Split Air Conditioners come equipped with a self-cleaning operation. It’s a minimal upkeep feature that sees the unit automatically use the surrounding air to dust and dry off the evaporator. An anti-mold function has also been added. It’s another excellent cleaning feature that allows the unit to automatically provide hot air to the evaporator, preventing the buildup of mold. It will also remove odors in the process. Minimal upkeep works with a low cost design as this 4-in-1 unit uses a washable filter that can easily be cleaned, removing the need to purchase additional filters.

Honeywell 4-in-1 Air Conditioners use a series of modes that offer a unique experience. They also implement a memory feature that will remember your custom inputs and preferred temperature settings.

  • Timer Mode: Activating this setting will allow you to select a time for your unit to turn ON or OFF. You’ll be able to customize this mode as it can be programmed anywhere between a 30 minute to 24 hour time period.

  • Sense Mode: Turning on this setting will have the Honeywell 4-in-1 Air Conditioner automatically adjust to the surrounding temperature around the unit’s remote control. This is achieved using ambient technology with the intention of providing a comfortable experience based on location.   

  • Comfort Mode: This setting will automatically increase the temperature by 1°C (1.8°F) every hour. When 5 hours is reached, the temperature will drop 1°C (1.8°F) each hour.

  • Eco Mode: This is an energy saving mode that’s been designed to minimize electricity consumption.

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