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Honeywell Safes are the standard for excellence in safeguarding all of your valuables and keeping potentially dangerous firearms away from prying hands. Establishing an elaborate collection of Safes, Security Chests, Executive Gun Safes, Security Boxes and various other superior protection options, Honeywell has gone that extra mile to cater to a large audience. The Honeywell 1104 Molded Fire/Water Chest has a storage capacity of .38 cubic feet and is an excellent addition for anyone who values optimal performance and peace of mind. A Honeywell 6110 Digital Steel Laptop Security Box with Secure Cable Tether makes for an excellent companion as it can be easily moved and affixed with a tether that adds even more options to a Security Box that is already versatile. Honeywell safes feature an abundance of options that utilize Programmable Digital Entry, Motorized Door Locks, LED Readouts, Concealed Hinges and a wealth of other beneficial defense mechanisms, Honeywell has all of the ingredients to personalize your safe experience.


Looking for a safe that can protect your items from the elements? Look no further! Honeywell offers durable fire and water resistant safes such as the 1104 Molded Fire/Water Chest or the larger model 1108 Molded Fire/Water Large File Chest to protect your belongings from the elements. Put your mind at ease with the knowledge that your items are secure no matter where you are!


Combination lock safes provide increased security for your important documents. Honeywell offers excellent options such as the Honeywell 2203 Fire Safe Combination Lock or the larger Honeywell 2105 Fire Safe Combination Lock equipped with a four number combination system as well as a dual key lock for additional security.


Digital safes offer the perk of being more user-friendly and easier to operate than the traditional combination lock. They also offer the ability to quickly and easily change the lock code at any given time. Check out the exceptional Honeywell 5105 Steel Security Laptop Safe-Digital Lock or the Honeywell 5104 Steel Security Safe with an LED screen and Scratch Resistant Powder Coat Finish.

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