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Help secure your identity by eliminating and discarding all of your unwanted personal information in an accessible and efficient manner. Honeywell has created the solution to preserving your identity with its release of an incredibly versatile and performance exceeding Shredder that's more than capable of offering the maximum in peace of mind. The Honeywell 9112 Twelve (12) Sheet Cross-Cut Paper Shredder features three highly convenient programs of disposal. Users can select between Auto, Forward and Reverse to suit their preference. This unit is fully capable of eliminating twelve sheets of paper at a time and carries the additional bonus of effortlessly shredding CD's, DVD's and Credit Cards. Simple to use and incredibly efficient, Honeywell Shredders are the ideal choice for those interested in protecting their identities by shredding any and all unwanted documents.

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Honeywell 9112  Twelve (12) Sheet Cross-Cut Paper Shredder
Honeywell 9112 Paper Shredder
Your Price: $99.95     Save: $40.00
Availability: On Order

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