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Honeywell has always been a premier brand in delivering the absolute best in terms of technologically superior products and accessories that exude performance and reliability. A mere glance at their offering of Home Electronics serves as an excellent indicator of how serious Honeywell is when it comes to utilizing the latest technology in an affordable format. Their selection of Door Chimes comes in an extended variety and features nods to both Wired and Wireless options as well as a number of Security enhanced Chimes. Honeywell LED Flashlights and Spotlights are entirely portable. Their lightweight and capacity for shining light make them an outstanding addition to any outdoor or indoor activity that requires a transferable means of light. Honeywell LED Light Bulbs are also available in a series of options. Lastly, Honeywell has created a diverse collection of USB Chargers that vary in size and functionality. Regardless of whether you're searching for a quick means of power or a Docking/Charging Station for your phone or MP3 player, you'll find no shortage of options in Honeywell's catalogue. All of these products and accessories are expertly crafted and feature a host of practical applications.

Door Chimes
Door Chimes
Featuring a robust selection of Decorative, Surface Mount, Holiday and Wireless options, Honeywell Door Chimes and Buttons offer exceptional value and versatility.

USB Chargers
USB Chargers
Ranging from a simple plug-in charging adapter to a more elaborate collection of charging stations, Honeywell USB Chargers are highly responsive and functioning accessories that deliver immediate power.

LED Light Bulbs
LED Light Bulbs
Combining the very best qualities of performance, versatility and cost efficiency, this selection of Honeywell light bulbs will effectively reduce the annual sum of your electric bill while providing topnotch performance.

LED Flashlights & Spotlights
LED Flashlights
Honeywell LED Outdoor Flashlights and Spotlights provide the ideal solution for any number of outdoor activities or indoor emergencies.

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