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Water Coolers

Honeywell Water Cooler Dispensers are an affordable and convenient solution to providing cool and hot water in an easily accessible format. Water Coolers are inherently flexible and can be implemented in any number of appropriate settings and scenarios that require swift access to clean drinking water. All of the Honeywell Water Cooler Dispensers include a number of beneficial features such as a child safety lock and a prong that effectively reduces the chance of spills and leakage. Convenience is boosted even further with the addition of a removable drip tray that allows for effortless cleaning. The Honeywell HWB1033S 40-Inch Freestanding Water Cooler Dispenser, Hot, Room and Cold Temperatures is 40-inches tall and utilizes compressor cooling that allows for precision temperature handling. Whether you're shopping for a unit to install in your home or place of work, Honeywell has the perfect Water Cooler Dispenser to accommodate any and all settings.

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Honeywell Water Filtration Filter for Tabletop HWB101 Water Coolers - HWF101AB
Replace every 6 months depending on water quality and usage
Your Price: $32.58     Save: $4.66
Availability: On Order

Honeywell Water Cooler Dispensers were created to be especially versatile. Since the entirety of Honeywell's collection mirrors one another in terms of functionality, it's important to note the difference in sizing. The larger 39-inch and 40-inch feature additional storage at the unit's base and can be utilized in a myriad of settings. The more compact 21-inch models offer even more options when it comes to installation. Regardless of your decision, Honeywell has stocked its catalogue with a series of units that deliver a swift and convenient means of accessing clean drinking water.

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